Join us for this closed-door, invitation-only discussion on Thursday 14th September at Dubai’s Armani Hotel to explore current DNS security trends with your peers, and learn how to build a defense strategy that works.

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About the discussion

The Network continues to be more and more critical to the business. In the background, increasingly sophisticated criminals are swarming at the edges of the networks; raiding vulnerable systems and targeting poorly protected enterprises and service providers. Today we are being presented with new risks, especially around one of the key parts of your network infrastructure – DNS.

DNS is the oxygen of every Network. There is no network that can operate without DNS. Because of this fact that makes DNS such a fundamental part of your infrastructure and a key to business productivity, DNS is now an increasing source of cyberattacks.

Attacks against or via the DNS infrastructure can have disastrous results including data theft, business hijacking, lost revenue due to downtime, diminished customer satisfaction, and more. Yet DNS is not being protected as required, and most of the time is taken for granted, as many organizations often use inadequate or no forms of protection to keep them safe against the diverse DNS misuse, such as Data Leakage via DNS, Malware communication via DNS, DNS DDoS, DNS Hijacking, DNS Poisoning and more.

With the latest malware threats, data breaches, and DDoS attacks that took place in 2016, DNS was the #1 protocol being targeted and misused by malicious activists. DNS security solutions are now imperative for enterprises as they provide protection beyond network firewalls (NGFW) and data loss prevention (DLP) systems by protecting the forgotten aspects of DNS security, by integrating with your existing Cyber Security-Ecosystem solutions to provide security orchestration, and by enriching the threat intelligence data of your security platform.

Security Advisor Middle East and IDG in association with Infoblox, are organizing an exclusive CIO/CISO roundtable to discuss proven strategies for addressing these critical issues.

Event Venue

  • Armani hotel, Dubai
  • +971 4 888 3888
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