Silver Peak introduces pay-as-you-go WAN optimisation

Silver Peak is pushing to deploy its WAN optimisation software on a broad range of network devices such as generic servers, routers and storage devices to save customers on capital outlay.

Called Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA), the program includes support for the four major virtualisation environments, annual subscriptions for Silver Peak WAN optimisation software and joint marketing with partners whose hardware supports VXOA.

First among what the company promises will be many hardware partners is Avaya, whose SR 4134 router supports VRX, the software-only version of Silver Peak’s optimisation platform. The router has a server blade that can run a hypervisor on which customers can run VRX.

The nature of partnerships with hardware vendors will vary, but can include joint marketing and integrating the WAN optimisation software in the hardware, the company says.

Currently VRX supports VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, and by the end of the year will also support Citrix’s Xen and Linux KVM, the company says.

Annual subscriptions for the software enable customers to deploy WAN optimization with no capital costs, the company says. Pricing starts at $1,600 per year and increases as the throughput the software supports increases. Generally, it takes three or four years of subscriptions to equal the cost of a perpetual license, the company says.

If a customer already owns a device on which to run the software, there is no capital expense to start up WAN optimisation. This can allow deployment of WAN optimisation in places where it wasn’t cost-effective before. For instance, Avaya says its SR 4134 branch-office router with a server blade supports VRX software with no impact on the routing resources of the box.

Silver Peak has a reputation for catering to high-traffic sites such as data centers, and VXOA could help it reach smaller sites and smaller businesses.

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