Transformation Talk | Weekly news round-up 01.06.17

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Dubai Police to use drones for bomb disposal operations

1 1039Dubai Police has announced plans to use drones mounted with a remote-controlled water cannon in bomb disposal operations.
Emirates Group Security

Emirates begins investigation into online phishing scam

1 849The airline said that it is aware of phishing attempts luring unsuspecting users to click on fraudulent items such as a survey, to potentially gain access to users’ smartphones and computers.
Mobile phone subscriptions in the UAE reached 19.7 million by the end of September

Mobile phone penetration rises in the UAE: TRA

1 1661According to recent data from the UAE Telecommunications Regulations Authority (TRA), the mobile phone usage in the country has increased to 228.3 phones per 100 people in 2017.

BA flight chaos caused by data centre power surge

0 589A major British Airways crash has highlighted the importance for businesses of testing backup systems and disaster recovery procedures to …
STC CEO Khaled al-Biyari

STC to launch $500m venture capital fund for tech start-ups

0 2169Saudi Arabia’s telecoms giant STC has announced that it will set up a $500 million venture capital fund to invest …
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