Winning the war for AI talent

As tech giants snag all available talent, enterprises are scrambling to staff up for an AI-fueled future by partnering with universities and grooming talent from within.

Managing the machines

The world of M2M communications is upon us. Sensors are already installed in city infrastructure and smart home foundations to collect data and feed it to other machines. The goal is to create a more streamlined end-user experience. However, as sensors track movement and back-up data, personal privacy and security issues inevitably come into play.

The spectrum conundrum

The rapid growth in mobile broadband means operators need access to a sufficient amount of spectrum and the right bandwidth to achieve the required quality of service.

The road to SDN

The road to a software-defined network can be rocky without rigorous planning. We look at what it takes to make the daunting yet enriching jump.

How data-literate is your organisation?

Staying above water

Venturing into the use of Big Data – and in particular, predictive analytics – solutions can be a messy business. We look at what IT leaders can do to get the most out of their sea of data.

Lighting up

Cellular networks in the Middle East will need fatter pipes to the wired Internet to keep delivering a satisfying mobile experience, and fibre is emerging as the best for mobile backhaul networks.

The big upgrade

The adoption of virtualisation in the past few years has undoubtedly changed the face of the data centre. No longer housed in sprawling warehouses, data centres are fast becoming slimmed down and agile.


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