Ali Kassab

Ali Kassab, a French National, is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience across multi national cloud software companies and digital payment companies in the region. His expertise lies in building them from ground zero to multi-billion AED businesses. Throughout his 20-year career in building digital and customer experience, Mr. Ali Kassab has been a tireless innovator and technology enthusiast.

His early experiences at leading retail and telecoms companies across the region shaped his later business ventures – including international sales, ICT, marketing, and consultancy – in the Middle East. He has led successful projects in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East region, mainly for leading telecom operators (Etisalat, du, Orange, Vodafone), financial (ADIB, AXA, HSBC) and government (ADDC, AADC, DED). Over his ten years, as CEO of multinational IT companies, Mr. Ali Kassab has led the organization in enhancing customer experience, driving the cloud revolution, evolving telecom technology, and transforming retail experience, generating additional revenue through innovative channels.

Ali believes strongly in empowering people, process and customer experience to ensure company growth and sustainability. His role as CEO of MBME is to empower the employees of MBME to diversify and grow the product, the service catalogue to customers, optimize processes, and deliver a innovate customer experience with new technology that makes MBME “The Leading Digital Self Service Platform in the Region”.