HBMeU moves towards a new education experience with e-content store

In a step toward a paperless university, Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU) has announced that it has booked an entire store on Rufoof, a  bookstore application developed by Flagship Projects, a Dubai-based hi-tech mobile and web applications provider.

Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, Chancellor of HBMeU, said: “We are delighted to partner up with Flagship Projects to have a complete HBMeU store on Rufoof mobile app on iPad. This shelf store will constitute 10 % – 15 % of study at the university and gradually cover all aspects of study, so that students can take part from their iPad or iPhone instead of physically coming to the university. The move is in line with HBMeU commitment to boost personal and professional skills of not only our students but hundreds of professionals from different organisations in the UAE and across the region. “

“HBMeU’s move to use our Rufoof store reflects the university’s unwavering desire to adopt online resources that enhance professionals’ skills in total quality management,” said Shadi Hasan, Managing Director, Flagship Projects. “We launched this mobile application just a few months ago and it is proving to be one of the most sought-after Arabic apps on the app store. It provides an amazing reading experience for Arabic Content.”

Users of HBMeU Rufoof store can go to the application and view a wide range of book titles in different categories including articles and e-journals as well as download a sample to have the content available even when the device is offline.

Hasan added: “Another feature of the application is reading through bookmark pages, search and change the font size as well as change the colour of the shelves. This represents a huge advancement in the world of reading from iPhone, iPad or other smart phone devices.”

With Rufoof, authors’ and publishers’ books are more piracy-protected, compared to many online libraries, due to the high security features deployed by the Flagship team of software developers.

Hasan added: “Hamdan e-University Rufoof store will have large variety of books, articles and e-journals. The Hamdan e-University Rufoof Store is the first Rufoof store where visitors can only view items related to the university store, and the store is designed to fit Hamdan e-university brand and style”.

HBMeU is the first e-learning institute in the Arab World established with a vision to develop a new learning process through the implementation of learning practices characterised by flexibility, quality and diversity to strengthen self-leadership among learners and prepare them socially and academically for a future career through integration in the job market.

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