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Comguard partners with BlueCat Networks to host roadshows on IPv6 and BYOD

Comguard, a Dubai-based value added distributor for IT security products and part of Spectrum group, in association with BlueCat Networks, will host roadshows on its new business technology platforms IPv6 and BYOD in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

The first roadshow will take place in Riyadh on 30th September 2012 at InterContinental Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, while, the second roadshow will be held in Dubai on 3rd October 2012 at Jumeriah Emirates Towers, Dubai, UAE.

During the roadshows, experts from both Comguard and BlueCat Networks will make presentations on IPv6 and BYOD, the new business technology platforms which can address the business as well as security concerns of the enterprises in Saudi Arabia and UAE, the company said.

BlueCat Networks believes that, with the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses, enterprises in the region need to prepare now for the transition to IPv6, the largest network and services changeover in the history of the Internet.

To further promote IPv6 readiness and the role of IP Address Management in IPv6 planning and implementation, these roadshows intend to educate enterprises on  how they can take practical steps to prepare themselves for IPv6 and how IPAM can help with IPv6 planning, transition and on-going management, as well as new IP-dependent initiatives like BYOD, representatives said.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the other key aspect of these roadshows, wherein experts from Comguard and BlueCat Networks will address the concerns faced by the IT departments of leading enterprises about the security and compliance of BYOD, as well as discuss the efforts involved in onboarding and offboarding devices.

The presentations at the roadshows will highlight how self-service device registration effectively eliminates IT involvement in BYOD on boarding and complements mobile device management (MDM) solutions by providing visibility and control of devices without gaps, it was reported.

Jayadevan K, SVP, Value Business at Comguard, said, “With these roadshows we not only want  to introduce two new business technology platforms, IPv6 and BYOD, but we will also provide guidance and expertise to help enterprises start planning for the transition to IPv6 to maintain global connectivity. We also wish to share insights on how to tackle the challenges IT administrators face in empowering users of personal devices (BYOD) with network access without compromising security or overwhelming IT staff.”

Brad Micklea,VP of Product Management at BlueCat Networks, said, “By participating in these roadshows with Comguard, BlueCat Networks aims to support the successful rollout of IPv6 and BYOD and highlight the importance of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management in providing a solid foundation for these two strategic initiatives. Without IPAM, organisations will struggle to assign, track and manage IPv6 addresses and networks. Without IPAM, they will also face the challenge of how to simply and securely register, onboard and track personal devices for BYOD. We will share insights from our customers on how IP Address Management is essential to insulate both end users and administrators from the complexities of managing IPv6 and BYOD.”



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