Cyberoam updates CCC NM appliances for enterprises & MSSPs

The network security solutions vendor, Cyberoam, has launched its Next-Generation Management series of its Cyberoam Central Console appliances (CCC NM) for enterprises and for managed security service providers (MSSPs).

According to the company, the CCC NM appliances offer faster processing capabilities and allow managing more security appliances than previous models and also combines new powerful hardware and software architecture. Latest firmware in CCC NM appliances adds new features that facilitate continuous business availability along with flexibility, control and convenience of integration with standalone iView logging and reporting solution, said the company.

Abhilash Sonwane, Sr. Vice President, Technology & Products, Cyberoam said, “As enterprise and MSSP networks continue to expand with more offices, users and experience trends such as device and application explosion, they deal with greater security risks across branch offices and customer offices. This creates a demand for more security management power to centrally manage these distributed networks. CCC NM appliances offer powerful performance to manage up to twice as many Cyberoam appliances for growing enterprise and MSSP networks, and enable accelerated security management at reduced cost, complexity and time.”

Customers can take advantage of a number of new features such as change control and logging to roll-back configuration changes for managed appliances from the vendor with audit trail for policy and device changes to support compliance management. Integration with standalone Cyberoam iView for auto-provisioning of managed appliances and auto-syncing of CCC administrators in Cyberoam iView to reduce complexity and effort is another added feature. Other new additions include HA support for continuous availability of CCC appliances and wizard for easy provisioning of Cyberoam security appliances.


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