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Ingram Micro unveils new IoT business unit

0 38Ingram Micro has announced the launch of its newly formed Internet of Things (IoT) Business Unit in the Middle East, …
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Fujitsu announces new thin client

Fujitsu has announced that the FUTRO S100 is the company’s most energy-efficient thin client, providing an affordable entry to the world of server-based computing. An individual FUTRO S100 thin client and monitor combination consumes a maximum of 29 watts under full load, some 66 % less than the consumption of even a green desktop PC and monitor. The entirely fan less and silent FUTRO S100 model is designed for cost-conscious enterprises looking to drastically cut the costs of their desktop infrastructure.

Chandan Mehta, Product Manager at Fujitsu Technology Solutions says: “Thin clients are already energy efficient, and Fujitsu’s FUTRO S100 raises the bar even higher. It’s our most energy-efficient thin client, and it’s a perfect entry point for server-based computing and virtual workplace solutions. Making the switch to Fujitsu’s thin client line combines the benefits of high availability, near-silent operation and easy manageability with a very low total cost of ownership.”

Increasing numbers of organizations are realizing the benefits of thin clients; particularly call centers, insurance companies, banks, schools, libraries, and other organizations that want to maximize the number of PCs they can purchase on a capped budget.

Thin clients are the efficient alternative to desktop PCs since they provide server-centric computing model where application software, data, and processing power are all based on a network server rather than on the desktop.

By switching to thin clients, Middle East businesses can save on both energy and maintenance costs. In addition to reduced power consumption, serviceable life is approximately double.

Other advantages include high availability and minimal administrative effort. The Fujitsu FUTRO S100 is Fujitsu’s most energy efficient thin client, and is ideal for organizations where end-users are conducting mono-functional tasks, such as database access, call center and data entry work.

The FUTRO S100 is popular for its innovative design as well as its energy saving features. The FUTRO S100 helps to save space with its compact design and its “backpack solution” that allows the desktop unit be mounted behind a monitor. The FUTRO 100 has no moving parts, reducing noise as well as energy consumption.

The Fujitsu FUTRO S100 is compatible with a range of server client infrastructures including Linux-based eLux, and Windows CE 6.0. Powered by VIA Eden 500 and VIA VX800 media system processors, the FUTRO S100 supports 1GB of DDR2 system memory and has two USB 2.0 ports, a VGA port, fast Ethernet network and supports internal compact flash-based storage cards.

Manufacturer says that Middle East businesses can save on both energy and maintenance costs by switching to thin clients

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