Netgear talks up solution selling at GITEX

Netgear is taking GITEX as an opportunity to explain to partners the advantages of selling complete solutions as opposed to point products, the vendor’s Regional Director for the Middle East, Ali Ahmar, said today.

Point products are becoming more and more complicated, and customers aren’t interested in how they work, he told Reseller ME. Instead, he added, customers want finished deployments that give them a tangible service, and that is why Netgear is pushing partners to take the solutions-selling approach to business at GITEX this year.

“When you go and buy something, even for a home or personal use, if it’s not easy to use, it’s a problem. Technology is becoming very advanced, so that’s why solution selling is about selling you the end product. The end product is you want to record video surveillance; the end product is you want to use a telephone,” he explained.

Netgear works with a number of other vendors through strategic alliances, and, through them, is hoping to present partners with an opportunity to widen their portfolios so that they can offer customers real solutions, Ahmar said.

Naturally, Netgear has also taken GITEX as an opportunity to regionally launch a number of new products. Earlier this week, it showcased the new R7000 home router, which Ahmar explained is targeted at the high end. This was the first time that the R7000 had been shown outside North America, and it will be available in the Middle East from December, he added.

Netgear also showcased a number of enterprise-centric solutions this week, too.

“Partners are always interested in seeing new things, so we always reserve something for GITEX. We have done a lot of enhancements on our switching portfolio, for example, and we always get a big stack of switches and storage to show cases for our partners,” Ahmar said.

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