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Netgear unveils new switches for SMBs

The new “ProSafe Plus Switch” family of switches utilises “green” Ethernet features, which significantly reduces the power required to operate, save money and lessen environmental impact.


The new ‘ProSafe Plus Switches’ include two fast Ethernet versions – the 16-port FS116E desktop switch and 24-port JFS524E rack-mounted switch, and one gigabit Ethernet version – the 5-port GS105E desktop switch.


Similar to Netgear’s existing line of ‘green’ switches, they consume up to 70% less power than their unmanaged equivalents, and allow division of network into groups (VLAN), setting of traffic priority, and excellent bandwidth control. As the industry’s first fast Ethernet switches to support this type of power reduction technology, they feature an “Auto Power-down” mode, which reduces chip power in each Ethernet port when the signal from the copper link is not present thereby saving power, but they instantly resume normal operation when energy is detected.


“Upgrading from the simple connectivity of an unmanaged switch, we have developed ‘ProSafe Plus Switch’ to offer businesses extended network benefits that cover enhanced security, troubleshooting, traffic prioritisation, segmentation and monitoring, in an affordable yet environment-friendly package,’ said Ahmad Zeidan, Channel Sales Manager, Netgear Middle East. “In addition to its primary advantages, these switches have been designed with ease-of-use as a top consideration, as they can be set up as plug-and-play switches, or be configured through a simple PC-based utility.”


Packed with features that make them more powerful than unmanaged switches, ProSafe Plus Switches have Auto Cable Length Detection, which enables them to use lower power if the connections cover a distance of less than 10 meters. Sold with a lifetime warranty, the fan-less switches are also ideal for placement in open work areas as they operate silently. Similar to other Netgear products for the home and SMB, the company’s latest offering comes in a packaging that is manufactured with at least 80% recycled material.



Netgear, a global provider of technologically advanced, branded networking and storage products, has unveiled a new category of configurable switches in the Middle East, which will allow regional SMBs build better networks to address their growing network needs.

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