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UAE investment firm launchs “3rd gen” Blockchain technology

Dubai-based Relam Investment has launched its “3rd Generation” Blockchain technology ecosystem – HETACHAIN – and it’s ICO.

The launch took place in Dubai, and will also proceed to London and Turkey throughout 2018.

HETACHAIN is a DPoS + BFT hybrid blockchain network that integrates a blend of public and individual adoption-focused design through a multi-chain system, allowing use for both public and private blockchain preference.

Relam Investment was founded in 2018 through a partnership between Vault Investments, a diversified Dubai-based investment company established in 2012, and MIG Holdings, an investment group based in Vietnam.

The HETACHAIN ecosystem consists of smart contracts, Hetacoin, hot and cold Heta Wallets and Heta App Store.

“We are driving the whole world into a new ecosystem,” Sultan Ali Lootah, chairman and CEO of HETACHAIN said. “HETACHAIN will be your enabler, your society, your business and your social life. HETACHAIN is designed to be a diversified ecosystem crossing various sectors such as; finance, healthcare, retail, trade, transport and will always upgrade with the changes happening in our societies. The ecosystem is empowered with a 3.0 Blockchain technology, and through it we will provide our Smart Contracts, HetaCoin, Heta Wallet and other technologies.”

“We often accept the status quo,” Shameer Thaha, advisor, HETACHAIN, said. “Thomas Edison said that there’s always a better way to do it. It’s up to us to keep searching for better ways. HETACHAIN is a step towards improving the status quo in blockchain.”

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