The Power of 4 Fourth Industrial Revolution Forum

The Power of 4 Fourth Industrial Revolution Forum will put the spotlight on the most pressing business issues of our time.

As humans learn to work with smart machines in the digital age, Power of 4 will explore the challenges and opportunities that organisations will face in the new digital era.

Join the conversation with over 300 technology experts and find out how the world is being reshaped by a new dawn of technology.

Who Should Attend:

Corporate IT Executives seeking to explore and leverage the benefits of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain, IT automation and virtual reality.

Why You Should Attend:

  • Explore the best methods of integrating digitally empowering innovations into future business models.
  • Learn how your organisation can increase digitisation smarter, quicker and safer.
  • Discover what it takes to be a innovative thought leader in the fourth industrial revolution.
  • Gain insight from real-life case studies on how AI & ML, VR, IT Automation and Blockchain can revolutionise your organisation.
  • Hear from experts on how your organisation can utilise these technologies to progress to the next phase of digital transformation with measurable business value.








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