Two-i seeks to improve happiness within cities

For the second year running, Two-i will present its unique video analysis software, which is called the Map, aiming to improve happiness within cities at GITEX Technology Week.

Two-i co-founders Julien Trombini and Guillaume Cazenave
Two-i co-founders Julien Trombini and Guillaume Cazenave

According to the firm, this solution was inspired by the progressive sustainable development goals that Two-i shares with Dubai.

Live analysis of demographic data, such as emotions, age and gender, helps to guide decision-making and measure the impact of initiatives. Happiness is a complex condition that involves a range of variables that are far from just detecting smiles on the faces. The goal is to foster diversity and inclusion for all. It is a virtuous cycle that begins with raw material processing, data collection, the study of data that leads to decision-making, which then leads to the generation of new data, which leads to new decisions, etc.

Two-i is among the pioneers in the development of the Map: an interactive cartographic platform that collects and displays all the metadata generated from live video streaming. It allows the user to navigate in his own city and visualise in real time the levels of well-being in the different neighborhoods. By displaying a large amount of important information in such condensed stats, the Map revolutionizes the way city management is perceived. In addition, it has been designed to comply with the constraints of data anonymisation.

Two-i’s team is dedicated in cracking the challenges of integrating traffic and flow management solution and connecting external data into its already sophisticated platform in order to generate fully comprehensive Urban Data analytics. Moreover, Two-i’s Research team in collaboration with French hospitals has started medical trials for pain detection and analysis to reduce hospitalisation time and increase the effectiveness of analgesic administration. This project allows the company to dig deeper into understanding the complexity of emotions.

Two-i will be in Hall 4 at the French Tech Pavilion.

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