UAE, Saudi firms more agile with cloud: ServiceNow

Mark Ackerman, ServiceNow
Mark Ackerman, ServiceNow

Large regional enterprises, especially in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are more agile and efficient in implementing cloud-based service solutions, according to ServiceNow.

Enterprises in the region are diversifying even as they are transforming themselves and are less of a legacy organisations, but more willing to adopt and move fast.

Mark Ackerman, regional director for Middle East, South Africa, Turkey and Eastern Europe, including Russia (MESAT & EE), says, *Everyone is talking about digital transformation and agility and orchestration. What we are seeing, and is the key differentiator, is that companies here are more quicker, are easier to adapt and bring about the changes that are required for creating a smoother work experience.”

He was speaking during the recent Future of Work – conclave in Dubai. The cloud-based SaaS firm that integrates cross form work applications and processes aims at boosting productivity for workers and enables companies to free man hours that is otherwise spent on mundane and  nonproductive tasks.

According to him, digital transformation has resulted in increased automation with artificial intelligence and machine learning transforming the way we work.

“With companies here, it is easier to adopt and changes. A large corporate in the UAE was able to change its service platform in a matter of weeks, where as a similar company in Europe, which went through a series of consultations is still not able to make that change,” he said.

ServiceNow recently reported $673.1 million in revenue in its fiscal third quarter, a 37 percent leap year over year.

The company has been operating in the Middle East since 2015. “The past four years we have experienced massive growth. We are focusing more on large enterprise firms,” says Ackerman.

“We only work through channel alliances. We work with a two tier structure. We have local partners that have all the resources in-country. As our second tier of partners, we have global system integrators like IBM services, Accenture and Deloitte among others.”

ServiceNow has been working towards enhancing its cloud platform with a series of partnerships, thereby enhancing an organisation’s ability to help its employees seamless adopt the digital experiences and do their best work.

It recently partnered up with IBM to help enterprises simplify the management of their IT resources across multiple cloud environments. The partnership will allow IBM to use ServiceNow’s IT Service Management and IT Operations Management solutions to facilitate its Multicloud Management Platform and provide organisations with the ability to modernise Kubernetes applications across different cloud environments.

“We are getting innovation of the core. Large corporates are using ServiceNow to reduce their overall cost by using efficiencies in the modernisation,” he adds.

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