Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Future Network Awards for?

The Future Network Awards 2019 recognises companies whose use of innovative networking technologies has delivered substantial business benefits to their organisations. Both users and vendors are honoured across 21 categories.

Is there a fee to enter?


How are winners selected?

Winners will be selected by readers’ voting, from the shortlisted entries chosen by a panel of judges comprising industry experts and academics.

Will there be any follow-on articles on a winning submission?

As part of announcing the winners, CNME will publish a summary of their submission with commentary on why they were chosen. We may also separately publish more in-depth case studies, and will contact the submitters directly.

May vendors nominate customers?

Yes. However, those who fill out the nomination form should have in-depth knowledge of the customer’s networking initiatives, goals, and surrounding issues. Block copies of vendor case studies or poorly written entries lacking in detail reduce the customer’s chances of winning.