Information about the GovTech Innovation Awards 2023 Application

The information you provide in your GovTech Innovation Awards application will be used by CNME for judging the awards and for articles (both in print and online) or other publicity relating to the GovTech Innovation Awards. Application information will be used for editorial purposes only. If you have information about your project (such as internal metrics) that you would prefer not to be published, but which you would like us to consider as part of your application, please note this in the text box where the information appears or where asked to do so specifically in the application. Information not labeled in this way will be considered by CNME editors to be publishable.

The Tahawultech GovTech Innovation Awards 2023 have been specifically designed to celebrate government entities and individuals that are driving change and digital transformation across the IT industry.

The nomination process is straightforward. There are 27 categories - nominees are required to select a maximum of 3 categories that are most relevant to them - and explain to us in 100 words or less why they deserve to be in contention for an award.

What We're Looking For:

The GovTech Innovation Awards are celebrating organisations (and the people within them) that are using IT in innovative ways to deliver business value, whether by creating competitive advantage, optimising business processes, enabling growth or improving relationships with customers. Perhaps you took a risk on an emerging technology or deployed the tried-and-true in a new way. Maybe you built a better business process or fostered closer collaboration. Or maybe you found ways to get more from existing customers, to pursue new markets, to save money or to make more. Here’s your chance to tell your peers about the technology innovations that have enabled or led the way to greater success for your organisation.

To be selected, applicants must show not only that they have executed their project well but also that they have done so in uncommon, innovative ways: pioneering a new technology, applying a familiar technology to a new purpose, setting the bar higher for their competitors. And they must demonstrate business value, not just IT benefits.

How We Judge the GovTech Innovation Awards:

The honorees will be chosen by the CNME editorial team based on information submitted in this online application. Due to the high volume of applications, we are unable to review any additional materials. Entrants are encouraged to include any information about their project or initiative that they would like the judges to consider in their answers to the questions on the application.

Each entry will be judged based on how it compares with all other entries submitted. Honorees are not ranked.


To be selected for a GovTech Innovation Award, you must demonstrate excellence in:

Technology Innovation: The extent to which your organisation used IT in a new way or enabled new ways of doing business, whether internally or externally.

Business Value Delivery: The measurable impact, backed up by supporting data, that your project or initiative has had on your organisation’s business results.

Judging Process:

Each application will be read by CNME editorial team, who will rate it on a scale of 1 to 5 for each criterion, for a possible total of 20 points. All scores will be kept confidential. They will not be released publicly, nor will they be discussed with any individual applicants.


The deadline to submit nominations for the GovTech Innovation Awards: 08 May 2023

For the downloadable form, please send your request by email to