The UAE has long established itself as an oasis of technological advancement and innovation, and it reinforced that reputation globally with the success of its historic Emirates Mars Mission, following the launch of the ‘Hope Probe’ in February of 2021.

In addition to this, EXPO 2020 has been a resounding success and has attracted over 11 million visitors to the site. EXPO is one of the most connected places on earth and will serve as a fully-functioning and thriving ‘smart city’ after the exhibition ended in March last year.

All of this achievements and ambitious projects would not be possible without the leadership and guidance of the UAE government, who have cultivated an environment and ecosystem that allows technology and innovation to flourish.

Our GovTech Awards 2023 will highlight the incredible IT trailblazers within our leading government entities, who every single day develop solutions, initiatives and programs that are specifically designed to improve the lives of all citizens and residents of the UAE.

You can nominate the government entities, who have pioneered new solutions by embedding disruptive technologies to enhance the experience for their customers and end-users, or the IT leaders that have shown great vision and direction to create a better society for us all through the advent of enhanced digital services in the new age digital economy.