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Confluent announces Accelerate with Confluent, a revamped partner program

Paul Mac Farland, SVP of Partner and Innovation Ecosystem, Confluent.

Confluent, Inc., the data streaming pioneer, recently announced Accelerate with Confluent, a program for systems integrators (SIs) that prioritises excellence in Confluent Professional Services to empower partners to deliver comprehensive data streaming solutions.

“Creating a real-time central nervous system has become an imperative for every organisation in order to compete and offer differentiated experiences”, said Paul Mac Farland, SVP of Partner and Innovation Ecosystem, Confluent. “Accelerate with Confluent reimagines our SI partner program, enabling our mutual customers to get to their business outcomes faster. Now, partners can more easily expedite repeatability, profitability, go-to-market efforts, and new service offerings, meeting customer demands”.

To help more organisations harness the power of data streaming, Accelerate with Confluent redefines the dynamics of Confluent’s partnership model. Accelerate with Confluent is designed to meet the ever increasing requirements of customers by building, expanding, and innovating through the support of SIs. Partners will be able to choose from multiple avenues for Partner engagement with Professional Services. These paths include:

  • Co-Delivery – Enables customers to harness the collective expertise of both Confluent and certified partners. By integrating specific and complementary skills, this collaborative approach ensures the delivery of holistic solutions.
  • Strategic Staffing – Further enhances the customer experience by incorporating subject matter experts from Confluent partners into ongoing engagements. This not only expands the delivery team, but also has the potential to significantly increase sprint velocity, driving accelerated project timelines.
  • Crafting Long-Term Data Strategies – Partner Led – Understanding a customer’s overall data tech stack is crucial for devising long-term data strategies. Confluent partners don’t just provide a service. They help businesses establish a robust framework for data streaming maturity, ensuring sustained success in the ever-evolving data landscape.

SI service offerings embedded into Confluent’s GTM

SIs that join Accelerate with Confluent will get access to a wide variety of opportunities that will allow them to showcase their Confluent expertise. Recent examples include the Confluent Migration Accelerator and recent GA announcement of Confluent Cloud for Apache Flink. This will align joint GTM engines to better tackle the $60B market opportunity associated with data streaming.

Variety of new tools to form a strong partnership

The Confluent Partner Portal has also been updated to improve partner collaboration, drive sales, boost marketing efforts and optimize technical activities. Confluent will also accelerate joint GTM strategy and empower partners to lead the opportunity with the appropriate sales and enablement tools on hand. Confluent enablement is dedicated to developing, delivering and measuring results-driven product and sales enablement to drive growth through consumption and new opportunities.

Build a partnership to engage early in sales cycle

Confluent’s vision extends to the creation of a robust partner ecosystem, emphasizing recruitment, onboarding, and continuous training based on established methodologies. Confluent goes beyond conventional support by facilitating early-stage involvement. This includes availability of technical resources to ensure readiness to build and deliver the right solutions for customers.

By leveraging Confluent’s industry-leading data streaming platform alongside Confluent partner solutions, companies can develop modern, real-time generative AI applications. With Confluent’s Data Streaming for AI initiative and several partnerships with technology providers, public cloud partners and services partners, scaling next-generation AI applications with a shared source of real-time operational and analytical data has never been easier.

Image Credit: Confluent

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