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Thriwe: Enhancing the Omni-channel experience

Anita Joseph caught up with Dhruv Verma, Founder & CEO of Thriwe, a startup and B2B tech-driven consumer benefits solutions company with a decade of experience in the Middle East. Thriwe has played a vital role in facilitating transactions in the retail sector. It has served as a key player in banking and money management, collaborating with notable entities such as Amex, Mastercard, VISA, HSBC, Standard Chartered, HDFC, Axis Bank, Mashreq Bank, Union Pay and many more.

Can you elaborate on Thriwe’s innovative loyalty solutions and how the company utilizes data and metrics strategically to deliver a minimum ROI of 2x in terms of revenue growth and net promoter scale?

Thriwe’s innovative loyalty solutions encompass several strategic initiatives aimed at propelling the company forward. Through personalized engagement techniques, the company will leverage data analytics to tailor recommendations and enhance benefit redemption. Integration of gamification elements has proven effective in boosting customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score. Using predictive analytics, Thriwe will anticipate customer behavior, leading to more appealing offers and increased program efficacy.

Strategic utilization of data and metrics involves a focused ROI approach, segmented targeting for campaigns, and a continual improvement protocol, backed by A/B testing. Thriwe also embraces global best practices, offering an omni-channel experience, integrating sustainability into loyalty programs, and leveraging AI and machine learning for offer personalization. Strategic partnerships and dynamic reward systems contribute to enhanced customer engagement.

By actively integrating these innovative loyalty solutions and leveraging strategic data usage, combined with global best practices, Thriwe aims to scale revenue effectively while enhancing its Net Promoter Score. Thriwe’s vision of becoming a comprehensive B2B consumer benefits marketplace is bolstered by these ongoing initiatives, ensuring the company’s competitive edge in the market.

Thriwe operates in the UAE, India, and Saudi Arabia. How does the company adapt its loyalty solutions to cater to the diverse markets and customer behaviors in these regions, and what unique challenges and opportunities does this geographical spread present?

Thriwe is strategically expanding its operations in the UAE, India, and Saudi Arabia by tailoring its approach to comprehensively understand and integrate diverse consumer habits and cultural nuances in these regions. The company has tailored its microsites and loyalty programs to culturally resonate with each audience, including language options and special offers during significant events such as Ramadan. Thriwe’s commitment to localized offerings has involved thorough market research to align its benefits with popular activities, sports, and lifestyle preferences specific to each region.

Recognizing the varying financial landscapes, the company supports multiple payment options and navigates the distinct regulatory frameworks in each region. Thriwe actively works within strict regulatory environments and is mindful of economic differences, creating value propositions that reflect each marketplace’s consumer spending power. Additionally, the company continuously acquires deep market insights and rapidly adapts to consumer preferences to stay ahead of local competition in each region.

By capitalizing on market growth, the burgeoning Fintech sectors, high mobile usage rates, accelerated e-commerce adoption, and tailored travel and lifestyle benefits for expat and tourism communities, Thriwe is well-positioned to leverage the unique opportunities presented by these regions.

Thriwe’s focus on deepening regional engagement through local market research, partnerships with regional businesses, and technological infrastructure enhancements demonstrates a flexible and respectful approach that meets the varied needs and expectations of each marketplace. This strategic adaptation reflects the company’s commitment to significant growth and success in these key regions

High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), customers, and valued talents are mentioned as key focus areas for Thriwe. Could you provide examples of specific loyalty programs or strategies implemented by Thriwe for these different segments, and how they have contributed to the company’s success?

Thriwe has actively implemented differentiated loyalty strategies that are tailored to the unique needs and preferences of High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and general customers. For HNIs, the company provides exclusive members-only programs, personalized concierge services, and investment opportunities, resulting in boosted brand loyalty and increased referrals. For general customers, Thriwe utilizes tiered rewards, partnered discounts, and hyperlocal offers, encouraging repeat business and driving higher transaction volumes, ultimately leading to increased revenue and average transaction size.

Common strategies across both segments include the effective use of personalization through data analytics, multi-channel engagement, and the incorporation of regular feedback mechanisms within loyalty programs to ensure continuous improvement.

Thriwe’s practiced approach to market segmentation and the development of tailored offerings has proven to be instrumental in driving the company’s success, leading to improved loyalty metrics, increased revenue, enhanced brand reputation, and greater customer satisfaction. These initiatives are pivotal in solidifying Thriwe’s position as a pioneering force in the loyalty space

As a company specializing in loyalty solutions, how does Thriwe stay at the forefront of innovation in a rapidly evolving market? Can you highlight any recent technological advancements or trends that have influenced Thriwe’s approach to loyalty solutions?

Thriwe is actively embracing new technologies to enhance its loyalty solutions by investing in blockchain for secure and transparent reward transactions, AI and machine learning for personalization, and big data analytics for consumer behavior insights. The company is also maintaining a customer-centric design approach, ensuring seamless interfaces across all digital platforms. Furthermore, Thriwe is utilizing data-driven decision making and has an agile response to market changes, allowing for quick adaptation to new trends and preferences.

In response to recent technological trends, Thriwe is optimizing its loyalty solutions for mobile usage, using AI for hyper-personalization, and incorporating contactless interactions for rewards redemption. Additionally, the company is exploring the integration of loyalty into everyday devices such as wearables and smart home devices and is considering sustainability practices to meet the demands of environmentally conscious consumers. Thriwe’s approach ensures it remains at the forefront of loyalty solutions by integrating recent technological advances and responding to global trends.

Thriwe’s core offering involves assisting corporate clients in caring for HNIs, customers, and valued talents. Can you share insights into the collaborative process between Thriwe and its corporate clients, and how this collaboration enhances the effectiveness of Thriwe’s loyalty solutions for the targeted segments?

Thriwe has a well-established collaborative process with its corporate clients, which is a critical aspect of the company’s success in tailoring loyalty solutions for different customer segments. This includes HNIs, general customers, and valued talents. Thriwe works closely with its corporate clients to integrate loyalty solutions with their existing systems and operations, ensuring alignment with the brand image and core values of the client companies.

Data sharing and analysis are fundamental in this collaborative process. Thriwe accesses real-time and historical customer data to customize loyalty solutions. Secure data-sharing protocols and mutually beneficial data-sharing agreements are established to facilitate this process.

Through collaboration, personalized loyalty experiences are designed for targeted segments based on the specific goals and pain points of the corporate clients. Feedback loops are also integral, enabling Thriwe to continuously improve loyalty programs by incorporating feedback, running pilot programs, and conducting A/B testing.

The collaboration between Thriwe and its corporate clients results in co-created loyalty solutions that offer a unique value proposition for the targeted segments. Leveraging client-specific insights and industry knowledge, these loyalty solutions directly impact business outcomes, making them more relevant and effective.

Ultimately, Thriwe’s collaborative approach enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of its loyalty solutions for targeted segments. This collaborative process is built on trust, shared objectives, and a deep understanding of each corporate client’s needs and values, enabling Thriwe to create innovative loyalty solutions aligned with specific goals and customer segments of its corporate clients.

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