Infosec & Cybersecurity Congress 2023

Event date: Thursday, 22nd June 2023

Dubai Event will take place on 2nd March 2023 at Habtoor Grand Resort, Autograph Collection, JBR Dubai.
Abu Dhabi Event will take place on 22nd June 2023 at The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa, Abu Dhabi.
Time: 08:30 AM Onwards

The rapid evolution of the cybersecurity landscape and its increasing complexities have left organisations vulnerable and exposed to threat actors. The various digital initiatives implemented by governments from time to time have also made them prone to cybersecurity risks. To add to this, the sophisticated attack vectors and techniques used by adversaries have also contributed to denting the digital growth of these organisations.

Then again, it is evident that existing security models are outdated and flawed, and this is not just because traditional infrastructure is fast disappearing and IoT/OT boundary lines have blurred. Studies show that organisations have still not successfully solved some of their most basic problems, such as email security, vulnerability management, open ports, password management and cloud misconfigurations, to name a few. Add to this, the role of the CISO, which is ever expanding and acquiring new dimensions every day.

So, what is the future of Information & cybersecurity? Are the current solutions and processes enough? How much security would companies wish to deploy, going forward? What skillsets would security professionals need to have, in order to deal with the most sophisticated threats?

The first Infosec & Cybersecurity Congress 2023 will address all of these questions and attempt to reassess the security narrative of companies as they hurtle into an unpredictable future. Join our experts and peers from the community for valuable inights on the information, cyber and data risks, the need for human centric cybersecurity mesh and Zero Trust Identity alongside controls, processes and compliances that are key strategic imperatives and building blocks of the information security roadmap for many organisations.


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