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Saudi will seek foreign tech to create nuclear weapon “if Iran does”

0 169Saudi Arabia’s crown prince says the kingdom would pursue foreign technology to build a nuclear weapon if its regional rival …
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Race to Innovate

Race to innovate | Your Voice | Tahawul Tech

What is Your Voice?

Your Voice is a new initiative hosted by CPI Media Group’s leading technology publishing arm Tahawul Tech and CNME. We understand that more than ever the pressure on business to transform within rapidly changing economies and industries is higher than ever.

CIO’s in the Middle East will be critical in leading this region-wide transition, and it is therefore vital that we provide a platform within which you can share ideas, discuss developments and learn of the challenges and opportunities faced by you and your peers.

We will tackle challenging subjects and invite only those CIO’s that are clear thought leaders who can demonstrate how they’ve overcome obstacles and reinvented their business.

If you want to demonstrate your business’s cutting-edge use of technology, bring to the fore industry-wide problems that require cooperation from all involved to resolve, discuss the potential evolution of industries and facilitate support from government leaders, CEO’s, shareholders, vendors and distributors to invest in technology to improve business then we need to hear Your Voice.

TOPIC: The race to innovate
DATE: Thursday 16th March 2017

Your Voice –  The Race to Innovate discussed the following:

  • Are CEO’s in the region aware of investment in innovation?
  • What drives change, regulation, management and consumers?
  • How do you define IT innovation?
  • Which industries will see the most rapid pace of change and what is driving this?
  • What factors stifle business transformation and how do CIO’s overcome these?
  • Can Middle East business ever be first to adopt new technologies in the world?
  • Where is the human talent for IT departments coming from in the future?
  • How will IT functions change as more millennials enter the work place?

Your Voice Interviews

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Dubai Investments GM for IT Mahadevan: Fresh ideas are key to innovation

0 492Dubai Investments GM for IT Venkatesh Mahadevan highlights having the right resources and the right people on-board as key drivers …

LIFEPharma Head of IT: ‘Top-down support’ key for cultivating the innovation culture

0 520Shailesh Mani, Head of IT, Life Pharma, emphasises on why top management support is a must for IT innovation success. …

Musafir co-founder Albert Dias: ‘Timing’ key for innovation

0 771Musafir.com Co-Founder Alber Dias discusses why he believes technology is defined by the way businesses perceive, create and adopt new innovations.

Dubai First IT Head Sivakumar: Innovation is a culture

0 761Sivakumar V, Head of IT, Dubai First, shares why he thinks Middle East organisations will be capable of being first adopters of technologies worldwide.

AW Rostamani CIO Sebastian Samuel: ‘Think outside the box’

0 741Sebastian Samuel, CIO, AW Rostamani Group, shares why he believes innovation means 'thinking outside the box' and bringing a positive change within the organisation through new ideas and new technologies.

Al Masah Capital IT Head: Innovation means new uses of tech

0 648Ashith Piriyattiath, Head of IT, Al Masah Capital, speaks about why CIOs should have a clear understanding of their organisation's vision for growth to identify new avenues for innovation.

Bayt.com CIO Akram Assaf: Greenfield ME ready for innovation

0 701During the first-ever Your Voice with Tahawul Tech, Bayt.com CIO Akram Assaf gave insights on why IT leaders should push the culture of innovation within their organisations.
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