Tahawultech Conference 2024

Event date: Tuesday, 24th September 2024

Beyond Boundaries: Shaping Tomorrow’s Tech Landscape Today

The Tahawultech Conference, hosted by CPI Media Group and Tahawultech.com, is a cutting-edge knowledge platform spotlighting five pivotal facets of contemporary technology: Artificial Intelligence, Security, Sustainability, Smart Mobility, and 5G. This event will bring together industry stakeholders, thought leaders, decision/policy makers and top technology innovators to facilitate vibrant discussions on the current and future landscape of technology. Attendees will delve into how these trends are reshaping our trajectory, examining the intersection of innovation and industry. The conference will serve as a nexus for exchanging insights, driving collaboration and envisioning the transformative potential within these key technological domains, offering a panoramic view of the dynamic future that awaits us.

This landmark event will not only offer brands an exceptional platform to showcase themselves and for industry stakeholders to network with top decision makers, but also serve as a spotlight for cutting-edge innovations in the technology space. It’s been designed as a convergence point where cutting-edge technology meets dynamic thought and collaboration, to catalyse the exchange of transformative ideas that will define the technological landscape.

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