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R&M Introduces First Single Pair Ethernet System to Support Middle East Smart Building Trend

Dubai, UAE, 02 August 2021: R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, today launched the industry’s first complete Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) system in the Middle East. Comprised of connectors and connection modules, installation cables and patch cords, this new system provides an effective way to link digital terminal devices and sensors to data networks, paving the way for comprehensive building automation. R&M sees the possibility for the solution’s application in key facilities in the region including hospitals, hotels, malls, industrial parks, and office centres.

“Smart buildings are foundation of the smart city visions of future-focused countries in the Middle East. The infusion of technology into the built environment helps enhance operating efficiencies, achieve Net-Zero agendas and most importantly, create better working and living ecosystem for building occupants”, said Nabil Khalil, Executive Vice-President of R&M Middle East, Turkey and Africa. “As a leading technology provider, R&M has actively supported the digital transformation initiatives of regional governments and organisations. With the introduction of this latest solution, we now deliver an effective means for them to realise their smart building ambitions”.

R&M’s Single Pair Ethernet solution extends the concept of local data networks (LAN) and structured cabling systems while offering cables that are thinner and connectors that are smaller. This allows a large number of devices and sensors – such as smart LED lights, remote-controlled monitors and scoreboards, temperature, light and climate sensors, controllers for heating and ventilation, electronic cash registers and self-service terminals – to be connected without traditional constraints. In addition to data and signals, SPE cabling can also transport electricity and thus supply terminal equipment with power. In many cases, this eliminates the need for separate wiring for the power supply.

“Initially, the largest area of application is ceiling cabling, in other words, the digital ceiling”, said R&M Market Manager Matthias Gerber. Starting from floor distributors or service nodes in the ceilings, R&M’s SPE cabling offers widespread connectivity with a transmission range of 600 meters.

“Years before the invention of the RJ45 connector in the 80s of the last century, and decades after, R&M played a key role in the Structured Cabling Manufacturers’ Community. Its high-quality products provided sturdy connectivity for more than half-a-century for millions of users around the world. Now, once again, with the innovation of Single Pair Ethernet, R&M opens the door to a new era of Data Transfer”, said Mehyeddine Kabbara, Regional Sales Manager at R&M Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

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