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Peter Khoury is a studio producer and sound engineer specialised in crafting and producing a diverse range of musical experiences, spanning from live concerts and events to TV shows and studio productions. Over the past few years, Peter’s career has been marked by significant achievements and unforgettable experiences-from contributing to the main acts at EXPO 2020 Dubai to participating in world-class acts & performances, he has played essential roles in different prestigious events. He had the honor of being part of the Expo 2020 closing ceremony alongside Ron Colvard and contributing to Beyonce’s sensational show at Atlantis’ The Royal.

Anita Joseph caught up with him for a discussion and review of Sennheiser’s HD 490 Pro headphones.

 Please tell us briefly about your career in Dubai? What brought you here?

My journey began in Lebanon at a young age, by working alongside and learning from the industry experts in my home country. At 18, I relocated to Dubai, to expand my knowledge and transform my love for music into a career.  What started as a hobby evolved into a passion, leading me to pursue higher education in Audio Engineering and Studio production with a minor in Music Business. I started as a stage manager and sound engineer at Music Hall Dubai, freelanced with Berklee Abu Dhabi, and secured an opportunity at Firdaus Studio during Expo 2020. Today, I continue to thrive as a studio producer and sound engineer, collaborating with numerous artists and international brands regional and worldwide.

What is special for you about the Sennheiser’s HD 490 Pro headphones?

The Sennheiser HD 490 PRO is a high-end over-ear headphone designed for studio monitoring and audio production. Carefully built mechanics reduce pressure spots, and the open-back design allows for natural airflow, making hours of music feel like minutes. The headphones include big dynamic drivers with a broad frequency response, providing detailed and authentic sound throughout the spectrum. The HD 490 PRO is highlighted for its sturdy build, functional fit, and professional-grade audio performance, making it an excellent choice for audio professionals, musicians, and consumers. When compared to other headphones in its class, the HD 490 PRO stands out for its balanced sound character, solid build quality, and consistent performance, making it a popular choice for studio monitoring and critical listening applications.

Can you narrate an instance where the HD490 served you better than other headphones used in the past?

I moved from closed-back to open-back HD490 headphones, which improved comfort during extended sessions through enhancing airflow and lowering ear pressure. Sennheiser engineering and the HD 490’s technical competence combine to produce a dimensional sound stage and accurate localisation. Its smooth frequency response guarantees accurate, lively sound reproduction over the whole range. The low-end frequencies have been proven to be complete, accurate, and precise low-frequency cylinder mechanism. Ergonomics designed with precision give the highest level of comfort by removing pressure spots and promoting lightweight flexibility. Sennheiser’s Open-frame Architecture enhances audio accuracy by lowering overall harmonic distortion. With these headphones, I was able to fully manage every element, eliminate audio blind spots, and ensure precise playback outside of the studio, which allowed me to actualize my creative vision.

Would you recommend them to your peers? How will it help them with their music production?

Yes, I would suggest Sennheiser HD 490 PRO headphones for professional use to my coworkers. I would underline its professional-grade sound quality and exact reproduction, both of which are required for critical listening and audio creation.  the headphones’ superb fit and strong construction enable long-term use during extended work periods. Their versatility enables them to be used for a wide range of music production tasks, including recording, mixing, and monitoring, and the removable connection makes them compatible with a number of devices. Endorsed by music industry professionals, the HD 490 PRO headphones give a reliable and accurate monitoring solution, strengthening my colleagues’ music production experience and confidence in their creative pursuits.

What work have you done since you acquired the HD 490 Pro and how did the headphones make a difference?

One of my recent projects involved a collaboration with FREEK, a prominent rap artist in the GCC, and Red Bull 64 bars. Despite being away from my usual studio setup in Dubai, I had to mix this project on the go. Luckily, the song aimed for simplicity, focusing on the natural elements, especially the vocals. With just my laptop and the HD 490 featuring the new open-frame design, I seamlessly mixed across airports, cities, planes, and trains. The open-back feature and airflow helped reduce pressure on my ears during long flights between Dubai and Europe, allowing me to edit and listen comfortably for hours. The HD 490, was an easy traveler tool, with its convenient hard case and suitability to pack, this headphone played a crucial role in the success of the mix, reaching thousands of fans through social and streaming platforms.

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