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Interview: OTIFYD’s intelligent approach to cybersecurity

Serkan Yusuf, Director of Services at OTIFYD, tells Tahawultech about OTIFYD’s cutting-edge cybersecurity services and solutions that leverage strategy to drive people, process, information and technology advancement.

Can you tell us about the products or solutions you’re showcasing at GISEC 2024?

OTIFYD is a dedicated cybersecurity consultancy firm specializing in providing professional services, solutions, and training to industrial clients and organizations. From a services standpoint, we offer a comprehensive range, from consultancy and risk assessments to more technical offerings like penetration testing and Incident Response Management. Our solutions portfolio involves partnering with Best-In-Breed providers to deliver end-to-end consultancy, from design to deployment.

Why do you think events like GISEC are important?

Events like GISEC are crucial for us at OTIFYD because they allow us to connect with potential clients, understand their pain points, and identify prevalent themes and trends in the market. This insight helps us focus our efforts where they’re needed most.

How is your firm integrating emerging technologies, particularly AI, into your solutions portfolio?

We leverage AI extensively in our services for tasks like data analysis and asset identification, although we’re mindful of confidentiality constraints. Many of our partners are also incorporating AI into threat intelligence and asset discovery solutions to enhance threat detection and risk profiling capabilities.

What do you see as the single most important security trend today?

AI is certainly a prominent theme at GISEC and rightfully so, given its potential to revolutionize cyber defense. Additionally, regulatory compliance, especially in Operational Technology environments, is garnering increased attention as companies strive to manage risk more effectively.

What’s the biggest challenge businesses in the region face when implementing a security framework or technology?

Governance remains a significant challenge, particularly in delineating ownership of OT cybersecurity within organizations. Bridging the gap between IT and engineering disciplines is crucial, and it’s a challenge we often encounter. As a company with a background in industrial engineering, we’re uniquely positioned to navigate this terrain, facilitating communication and collaboration toward the common goal of securing OT assets and environments.

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