Al-Reyami chooses Fortinet for better network security

Al Reyami Group, a Dubai-based group doing business in a variety of sectors from urban development to leisure in UAE, India and China, has implemented Fortinet’s FortiGate integrated network security appliances to secure its network and ensure safe site-to-site connectivity between the various offices and corporate entities across the UAE.A total of 24 Fortinet devices were deployed across 18 locations in the region.

Al Reyami has grown from a single office organisation to 30 companies spread over Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, India and China, doing business in a variety of sectors including construction, engineering, interiors, technologies, media, travel & tourism, shipping & logistics, leasing & servicing.

In this context, it became essential for the IT department at Al Reyami Group to provide seamless site-to-site connectivity between the group’s various offices across the UAE. Another priority was to provide secure and reliable network access to the staff travelling to various locations via a strong VPN and secured IP connections. At last, a system of authentication-based access using pre-shared key for guests and remote users was also on the list.

Al Reyami’s previous network security setup, combining a mix of SonicWall, WatchGuard and Juniper Network’s solutions, was presenting some limitations: there was no compatibility with ADSL connections; bandwidth was limited to up to 128 mbps, and the cost of maintenance of the IT infrastructure was too high.

Fortinet’s FortiGate multi-threat network security appliances were selected thanks to their high performance capabilities, their centralised analysis and reporting services, and the availability of key security features such as IPS, Web filtering and traffic and bandwidth control.

“The Fortinet solution was selected because it was cost effective in terms of initial installation and maintenance. The Fortinet solution also was the most robust and dynamic,” said Haroon Sheikh, assistant manager – IT at Al Reyami Group.

With the deployment of a mix of FortiGate devices across its network, Al Reyami can provide secure and reliable network and Internet access to employees.

One FortiGate-310B is primarily used on various ADSL lines to control, to ensure network security for the 650+ users in the group. Another FortiGate-310B device is used for VPN, IPSec and SSL connections to Al Reyami’s main database. Al Reyami also installed one FortiGate-200A for online stock and accounts with VPN and SSL, and a mix of FortiGate-100A, FortiGate-80C and FortiGate-60B appliances at multiple locations spanning across their branch offices and group companies to manage their network security.

The FortiGate appliances log data is aggregated by two FortiAnalyser-100 devices, which are used for centralised analysis and reporting. “Our comprehensive FortiGate product line allows Al Reyami to benefit from consistent and broad security across its network, from the main corporate entities to the branch offices. With our appliances, Al Reyami has been able to take advantage of a consolidated, cost and space saving network security solution,” commented Bashar Bashaireh, regional director MEA at Fortinet.

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