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Check Point Software establishes their leading cybersecurity approach for 2024

Ram Narayanan, Country Manager – Middle East, Check Point Software Technologies, spoke with tahawultech about their plans for GISEC 2024, shared insights into pressing cyber threats and outlined the benefits of the new Infinity Platform.

  1. Please tell us about the products and solutions you are showcasing at the event and how can CISOs benefit from these?

GISEC, the largest cyber security exhibition and conference in the Middle East, offers a prime opportunity for industry leaders to unveil cutting-edge innovations. Check Point Software will present its flagship Check Point Infinity Platform, a pinnacle of AI-powered, cloud-delivered cyber security platform. Key highlights featured will be:

  • Check Point Infinity Playblocks: This revolutionary platform integrates all security products within an environment, providing a unified defence against cyber threats. By automatically triggering preventative actions upon detecting an attack, Infinity Playblocks swiftly contain threats and prevent future attacks. CISOs can benefit from its seamless integration and proactive threat mitigation capabilities, enhancing their organisation’s overall security posture.
  • Check Point Infinity AI Copilot: Leveraging AI and cloud technologies, Infinity AI Copilot addresses the global shortage of cybersecurity practitioners by enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of security teams. Acting as both an administrative and analytical assistant, it automates complex security tasks and provides proactive solutions to security threats. CISOs can leverage Infinity AI Copilot to streamline their security operations, reduce workload on security teams, and stay ahead of evolving threats.
  • UAE Infinity Portal: Specifically tailored for businesses operating in the UAE, the UAE Infinity Portal offers a unified security management platform. This cloud-based solution equips organizations of all sizes with advanced tools for threat prevention and security management while fully complying with the UAE’s data privacy regulations. CISOs can benefit from the UAE Infinity Portal’s comprehensive security features, ensuring secure data retention within the nation’s borders and meeting regulatory requirements.
  1. What are some of the threats that organisations must watch out for in 2024? How is your company approaching these threats?

In 2024, organisations face escalated cybersecurity threats, as outlined by Check Point Software’s predictions. AI and ML play pivotal roles in cyberattacks, with a surge in AI-directed attacks and deepfake-based phishing. To address these challenges, there’s a notable industry shift towards “zero trust” models, mitigating rising cyber threats to critical infrastructure. AI also revolutionises cyber insurance, reducing premiums through predictive risk assessment. Despite advancements, persistent challenges include nation-state attacks, hacktivism, and deepfake technology, necessitating robust defence strategies. Check Point Software adopts a multifaceted approach, leveraging AI-driven, cloud-delivered security platform and solutions to empower organisations in thwarting emerging cyber threats effectively. With its innovative approach and advanced technologies, Check Point Software empowers businesses to defend against emerging cyber threats and maintain resilience in an ever-changing digital environment.

  1. What are some of the leading cybersecurity approaches / postures that are gaining traction this year?

This year, leading cybersecurity approaches gaining traction include zero trust architecture, AI-driven threat detection and response, and proactive threat prevention. Zero trust architecture emphasizes strict access controls and continuous verification, reducing the attack surface and enhancing security posture. AI-driven threat detection leverages machine learning algorithms to identify and mitigate threats in real-time, bolstering defence capabilities. Proactive threat prevention involves actively searching for potential threats within the network, enabling organisations to pre-emptively neutralise risks before they escalate. These approaches, combined with robust AI-powered cybersecurity frameworks and comprehensive, collaborative, and consolidated security architecture, help organisations stay ahead of evolving threats and safeguard their digital assets effectively.

  1. Tell us about your company’s range of products and solutions and what’s the best defence they offer against today’s threat / attack scenario?

Check Point Software Technologies offers a comprehensive range of products and solutions to protect businesses of all sizes from today’s evolving cyber threat landscape with its comprehensive AI-powered, cloud-delivered Check Point Infinity Platform. This platform has been specifically designed to meet the modern challenges of an evolving threat landscape, providing comprehensive protection, consolidated operations, and collaborative communication capabilities. Leveraging AI throughout, Check Point enhances cybersecurity efficiency and accuracy, enabling proactive threat anticipation and rapid response. The comprehensive platform includes cloud-delivered technologies consisting of Check Point Harmony securing workspaces, Check Point CloudGuard safeguarding the cloud, Check Point Quantum protecting networks, and Infinity Core Services facilitating collaborative security operations. With its innovative approach, Check Point Software enables businesses to stay resilient against emerging cyber threats.

Image Credit: Check Point Technologies

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