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Exceeding expectations with Almoayyed Computers

M. Hussaini, CEO at Almoayyed Computers, on the three elements that ensure the success of digital transformation: Objectives, People & Technology. 

Can you outline to our readers how your company has harnessed cutting-edge technologies to transform how you conduct your day-to-day operations to deliver the ‘experience’ that your customers, end-users, and partners’ demand in the experience economy? 

We endeavour to deliver more than what we commit! Our commitment extends beyond meeting agreed-upon SLAs. Our key performance indicators include the Net Promoter Score and overall Customer Satisfaction Index, reflecting our dedication to exceeding customer expectations. We’ve implemented a user-friendly CRM self-service for effortless request and complaint logging. Furthermore, we maintain a robust practice of monitoring customer success, with dedicated personnel overseeing this aspect. Additionally, we’ve invested in an application that provides us with daily insights into our standing in terms of Customer Success. 

OpenAI and ChatGPT are all the rage, and these new AI integrations have been tipped to fundamentally reshape all major industries as we know them. What is your view on OpenAI, are you excited by the new opportunities that it will present, or do you think more regulation is needed to control its impact on society? 

OpenAI and ChatGPT have marked a significant revelation in technological advancement, showcasing the remarkable potential for human-like thinking patterns, which is truly mind- boggling. Deep learning has transformed the AI landscape, revolutionizing the contemporary understanding of the field, despite AI’s long-standing presence. Its widespread adoption and application in various industries have become undeniable.  

While AI, like any technology, is susceptible to misuse, there are simultaneous endeavours and investments aimed at establishing ethical AI as the standard. I concur that the implementation of appropriate regulations and control measures, akin to combatting cybercrimes, is a crucial step forward. 

There has been a swathe of digital and cloud transformation projects in the Middle East over the last 3-5 years. However, many have struggled with the demands of cloud transformation, especially legacy-heavy players. What are the key processes that enterprises need to adopt to ensure a successful transformation journey?  

To ensure the success of digital and cloud transformation, it is crucial to establish the right OPT elements: Objectives, People, and Technology. Firstly, enterprises must establish clear end objectives, to prevent varying interpretations of the transformation’s purpose among different organisational stakeholders. Second, it’s imperative to involve people in the process, as objectives cannot be achieved without their active participation. Building a diverse team of individuals with leadership mindset from various lines of business and departments is essential for steering the transformation’s objectives. Finally, selecting the most optimum technologies to meet these objectives is a key factor in guaranteeing a successful transformation. 

In your expert opinion, what do you view as the biggest problem facing enterprises in the IT and technology industry across the Middle East?  

The most significant challenge confronting the industry in the region pertains to the People. On one hand, there is a shortage of individuals with the requisite skill sets, while on the other, it is the high attrition rate. 

This supplement is titled Tech Vision, so with that in mind, what do you think the future holds for the IT and tech sector across the Middle East, what will be the key trends and technologies that will really champion change over the next ‘digital decade’? 

The IT and technology sector across the Middle East is poised to experience unprecedented growth over the next decade, driven by the rapid pace of digital adoption, surpassing many other regions. This growth will be further fuelled by the region’s conducive environment for innovation, along with its rapid transformation into one of the most appealing destinations for expatriate residents. 

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