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From strength to strength

Mahmoud Nimer, StarLink, Extreme Networks

Mahmoud Nimer, President, StarLink on how the company continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions and services to its customers.  

Tell us about your GITEX 2022 experience

GITEX this year was really busy, the momentum was great, and it’s the biggest edition yet. That’s why at Starlink we’ve taken a different approach in terms of participation. We believe that the combination between cybersecurity, cloud and intelligent automation is a transformation engine that will drive and empower our partners and customers to achieve their business objectives. So, we have this concept of VAD of the Future. We want to be the VAD of The Future, and I think that GITEX was the perfect platform to launch this concept.

How has Starlink managed to stay ahead of market trends and maintain stellar growth and momentum despite the global challenges of the past few years?

Innovation is at the core of our operations. In today’s volatile landscape, organisations are required to adopt an integrated-solutions approach to fortify their security infrastructure and critical assets.  To support this vision, StarLink, year on year has onboarded innovative and robust technologies to empower organisations develop initiative-taking cybersecurity tactics that cater to their biggest risks and to help them on their journey to attain cyber resiliency.

With the world having moved completely to the digital realm, how important has cybersecurity become, for businesses?

No organisation is immune to cyber-attacks.  They must focus on creating a resilience-conscious culture and incorporate cybersecurity as part of their holistic approach, spread across all aspects of their business and by all the relevant stakeholders.  In fact, our theme at GITEX is about imbibing a culture of cyber resilience by harnessing the power of integrated solutions.  This will connect cybersecurity and business continuity and help build a resilient framework for organisations to defend against the next-gen threats.

How important is your channel/partner ecosystem for your success?

StarLink has emerged as a leader in the specialised distribution space with the support from our vendors, partners and customers who are integral to our ecosystem. Today, we have achieved our vision to become a global distributor and look forward to exploring new horizons, accelerate our capabilities, and gain competency in multiple domains with our partners.

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