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Hikvision: Innovating beyond security

Anita Joseph caught up with Wesley Wang, Director of Channel Development & MarCom at Hikvision MEA to learn about the company’s innovation-first approach and it’s plans for the region for 2024.

Hikvision has been a prominent participant at Intersec for several years. Can you share some insights into the significance of this event for Hikvision, and what specific products, solutions, or innovations visitors saw at Intersec 2024?

As the largest and the most prestigious security industry exhibition in the Middle East and Africa Regions, Intersec is an event where Hikvision mobilizes significant resources to engage with our customers and partners. Every year at Intersec, we get to see the latest solutions in the security industry and learn about what’s trending. It also gives us a good opportunity to reconnect with existing clients, and network to drive new business growth and opportunities.

This year at Intersec 2024, we showcased our industry’s intelligent solutions in vertical markets, such as traffic, building, education, and energy. Customers experienced a whole suite of products empowered by Hikvision’s core technologies in multi-dimensional perception across the full spectrum of light, radio, and sound. We also displayed a wide range of our advanced LED display models, providing an industry-leading viewing experience to customers and prospects alike. We also enjoyed connecting with our industry leaders and exploring innovative technologies that pushed the boundaries of the security industry.

Hikvision has been at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into its security solutions. Can you provide insights into Hikvision’s current AI strategies and how AI is shaping the future of security technology?

As we know, technology has been moving fast in recent years and AI technology is available everywhere. At Hikvision, we are committed to serving various industries through our cutting-edge technologies of machine perception, and AI, thus leading the future of AIoT.

Hikvision provides a broad range of security products, covering video security, access control, and alarm systems. We also provide integrated security solutions powered by AI technology to support end-users with new applications and possibilities for safety management and business intelligence, including in the transportation, retail, logistics, energy, and education industries. In addition, Hikvision is extending its business to smart homes, robotics, automotive electronics, intelligent storage, fire security, infrared sensing, X-ray detection, and medical imaging to explore new channels for sustaining long-term development.

Sustainability is the buzzword today. How does Hikvsion incorporate sustainability into its products and operations?

Hikvision is committed to integrating corporate social responsibility and sustainability development philosophy into our business, while also being driven by technological innovation. We launched a STAR Program for Social Good which aims to provide cutting-edge technologies that help non-profit organizations and projects explore innovative ways to benefit communities and protect our valuable nature and culture. We’re digging into low-carbon thinking and green practices, and constantly strive to create technologies and products that don’t just benefit our partners and end users, but also the planet.

As we look ahead to 2024, what strategic initiatives and plans does Hikvision have in place to continue its growth and innovation in the security technology sector?

In 2024, Hikvision’s new business and product strategy is ‘Innovating Beyond Security’.

This new approach is about pushing the boundaries of the conventional security industry. Hikvision will achieve this with a new range of multi-dimensional AIoT products and technologies across the spectrums of light, radio, and sound. Other key focus areas for 2024 include machine learning, deep market insights, and a sustainable development philosophy. We hope all of these will help create a better world for communities, employees, and businesses.

Image Credit: Hikvision

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