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Lenovo explores new frontiers at GITEX 2023

Alaa Bawab, General Manager, Lenovo Infrastructure Group, META, discusses their product showcase for GITEX 2023 and the value the Middle East region holds to them.

What does it mean to be participating in GITEX this year and what are the products and solutions you’re showcasing?

Participating in GITEX this year holds great significance for Lenovo, just as it does for every major player in the market. Our presence aligns closely with this year’s theme of AI, which, incidentally, harmonizes well with Lenovo’s vision. In line with the overarching AI theme that GITEX embodies, it resonates seamlessly with Lenovo’s mission. Our focus at this event is on demonstrating how Lenovo products and solutions are relevant to the discussion. We have simplified this message by showcasing real-life scenarios and use cases, offering a comprehensive view of a typical person’s day, spanning from their morning routine and commute to work, to entertainment, shopping, and Smart City experiences. This effectively reflects the practicality of our solutions.

Our presence at GITEX this year revolves around five pillars: AI (in the form of a service offering), hybrid clouds, sustainability, and security. In each of these domains, we provide tailored solutions for various industries and markets. An exciting offering unique to Lenovo is our venture into HPC (high-performance computing) as a service, the first of its kind in the region.

In summary, our presence at GITEX revolves around AI, scale as a service offering, hybrid cloud, security, and sustainability, with various use cases that reflect everyday experiences. What sets Lenovo apart is our comprehensive product portfolio, spanning from mobile devices to cloud solutions. This diversity enables us to provide an end-to-end user experience, while our vendor-agnostic approach to software applications further enhances our value proposition. We’re committed to fostering partnerships and alliances in the industry to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

How important is the Middle East region for Lenovo?

Regarding the Middle East market, it holds immense importance for Lenovo. We view the region as a vital investment opportunity and are actively expanding our presence. Comparing ourselves to competitors, we’re in a growth phase. With my 28 years of experience in the region, I can confidently say that Lenovo is on an upward trajectory. Our increased presence and alliances reflect this growth, and our commitment is evident in our expanding coverage, revenues, personnel, and technological advancements.

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