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Logitech brings a personalised touch to the workplace

Angelos Stefanidis, Logitech Head of B2B, Video Collaboration & Personal Workspace, Emerging Markets (AMECA, India & SouthEast Asia), discusses the trends driving the personal workspace concept within organisations, how Logitech is complementing this year’s theme for GITEX and their new products and solutions.

What is your main focus at GITEX Global 2023?

We have expanded our presence with our own stand where we can showcase our products and solutions. We are a B2B solution provider, and we offer the full portfolio enterprise segment. Sustainability is also one of our main priorities for the future of work and we are one step ahead as we are really committed to reduce environmental carbon footprint.

How is your business complementing the event’s theme of ‘The year to imagine AI in everything’?

In our industry, few people know the word Logitech comes from log in French and tech, which is software and technology in English. Using AI, companies now will be able to transform the workspace as employees are going back to the office and they’re looking for latest technology to be adopted. We also want to bring equity in the meeting rooms between the members who are on premise in the office and employees who are working at home as most people know are doing hybrid work. We have launched Logitech Sight, an AI-powered tabletop camera that works with our front-of-room camera Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini to intelligently capture the best perspective of meeting participants and track conversations as they move around the conference room, helping remote attendees feel like they’re seated at the table.

The second area we are focusing with our solutions is for education. We have Logitech Scribe, an AI-powered whiteboard camera.  The camera is compatible with leading services like Microsoft Teams and Zoom and broadcasts whiteboard content into video meetings with incredible clarity, virtually transporting everyone into the same room. This makes brainstorming, teaching, and team meetings equally accessible and productive for all participants through its simple-to-use design. Levelling the playing field for distributed teams, Logitech Scribe gives everyone — in-room or remote — a perfect view of the board.

What are the trends driving the personal workspace concept within organisations?

All our customers and partners are expressing the fact that all the meetings they do now coming back to the office and having a hybrid set up are short in duration and very ad hoc. One of the technologies we have launched is the Rally Bar Huddle, designed for small rooms that caters to this group of people that want to do a huddle for quick discussions.

We are also bringing in Zone 2 Wireless, our new wireless headsets. The plastic parts in Zone Wireless 2 include 20% certified post-consumer recycled plastic to give a second life to end-of-life plastic from old consumer electronics, and the aluminium in Zone Wireless 2’s decoration ring and temple extension are made by a process that uses renewable energy instead of traditional fossil-fuel energy, so the cargo footprint is minimised.

Which product within the Logitech personal workplace portfolio is receiving more interest now?

There are many vendors out there offering webcams, headsets, keyboards, and mice. We are the innovators of the mice, but nowadays everybody’s looking for an upgrade. For example, people are looking to upgrade their built-in webcams and default keyboards that come with the laptop or the PC desktop. The quality of the audio and video isn’t enough for the demands of video calls today. We have enhanced our webcams and introduced a new line-up of ergonomic keyboards, specifically the K860, which are more comfortable for people working long hours.

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