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Making your workspace more secure

Veronica Martin caught up with Lara Yousuf, Channel Account Manager at Mimecast to discuss GITEX 2022 and the company’s plans for the region.

What is the Mimecast key message at GITEX 2022?

GITEX is a forum for us to showcase our latest technologies, what our customers have brought in terms of developments in the cybersecurity world. It’s a chance for us to connect with our partners, with our customers and probably meet new prospects, as well as peers in different cybersecurity organisations. Our main message is how we can help organisations to build a more secure site.

In the last 12 months, how has your company performed in the MENA market?

Working in cybersecurity you can see the threat landscape is increasing and email remains to be the number one attack vector. In the UAE 94% of organisations have been a victim of an email born through attack. Similarly, in KSA, around 90% of organisations have faced similar challenges. In more than 40% of cases this attack is individual. The attack vector and the surface have increased and more so with organisations moving into a hybrid work environment and relying more and more on the digital communications and collaboration tools, which puts organisations in a riskier atmosphere, where they need to make sure that their data, people and communications are secure. Now is the perfect time to enable organisations to be protected in the modern workspace.

What trends are driving innovation in your business?

It would definitely be ML and AI, as our new platform Mimecast x1 relies specifically on them and it basically leverages the data and allows organisations to learn more about how employees work, as well as educating them on how to be more protected in their workspace, whether they are working from the office or remotely.

What do you think it makes you different from your competitors?

Our key differentiator is the way we approach cybersecurity organisations and our service capability detection. Enterprises need to adopt a more layered security approach when it comes to cyber security. Not only protecting your email, but also your web, domain and making sure that cloud security and email security are working hand in hand, so that you have a more solid security.

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