Multi-Cloud Requires Impeccable Digital Hygiene

Businesses looking to deliberately form a multi-cloud strategy must first ensure that their standards of digital hygiene including cybersecurity protocols, tracking, clear roles and responsibilities are fit for purpose. This is fundamental to the success of reaping the very real benefits of, while managing the potential risks in terms of cloud security and cost containment.

Edge computing is now more relevant than ever

The necessity to deliver infrastructure, application, and data resources to edge locations will accelerate the deployment of new, cloud-centric edge and network solutions, maintains IDC. These will provide much quicker processing to satisfy increasing digitalisation efforts. Edge will also provide a critical building block for business resilience, providing all-important scalability, flexibility and agility.

Taking cloud solutions to the ‘extreme’

CNME Editor Mark Forker spoke to Sanjeev Verma, Executive Director – AGC Networks and President & CEO at Black Box Corporation, to learn more about the solutions Extreme Networks have developed to meet the evolving demands of customers – and what the benefits and capabilities are of their ExtremeCloud IQ offering.


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