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Riverbed is helping businesses stay ahead

Anita Joseph caught up with Mohammed Kiki, Regional Director – Saudi Arabia at Riverbed, to discuss how the company is helping businesses succeed in the current market environment.

Can you tell us more about your recent study on the digital employee experience in the Middle East? And what are some key takeaways that organisations can learn from us?

We conducted this survey quite recently and discovered that it is the new generation employees- the millennials and generation Z – who are most demanding of IT. The old traditional way of doing business is no longer satisfying, to the extent that 53% leaders in the UAE and Saudi Arabia believe those new generation employees will be willing to leave their organisation if they do not get the digital experiences they expect. This is why we’re actually focusing more on helping organisations have a true and exceptional digital experience for their employees.

What solutions are you showcasing here at GiTex? How do these solutions empower businesses to succeed in the current environment?

Last year, we introduced our new brand, and we also introduced the Alluvio Unified Observability portfolio. This year, we’re capitalising on that. We’re introducing new features, new solutions and also a new approach to our customers who are in need of more than just a simple tool, giving them the full visibility to make the right decisions to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Can you tell us how Riverbed is leveraging AI and Machine Learning in its Unified Observability solution?

AI is the buzzword now, but Riverbed has been doing this for a while. With Alluvio IQ, we provide intelligence to our customers on a global scale based on Machine Learning and on customer behaviour. This enables them make informed choices based on AI driven insight. Alluvio IQ was designed to help IT teams address the challenges caused by today’s complex IT environments, resource constraints, and data silos. Alluvio IQ leverages full-stack, full-fidelity telemetry about the end user, the network, and application to analyze 10+ million data points per minute for complete visibility, even into remote and hybrid work environments. Unlike other products that correlate events primarily based on time, Alluvio automates the process of gathering and correlating 10,000+ metrics per minute across time, device, location, and applications. Alluvio IQ also provides automated investigative workflows designed to replicate the best practices of expert IT teams— enabling enterprises to filter out noise, reduce escalations, set priorities, and scale knowledge residing in the minds of a few across the broader IT team.

Alluvio IQ enables IT organisations to move from simple monitoring and visibility to reap the full benefits of unified observability.

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