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Transforming networking with AI and data sovereignty solutions

Feras Abu Aladous Director, Systems Engineering, Emerging Markets at Juniper Networks, discusses his expectations during GITEX this year, how their solutions are changing the course of the networking industry and How the Juniper Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture can help companies transition to a modern data centre seamlessly.

What are you expecting participating at GITEX this year?

We are expecting to showcase our latest innovations and solutions from Juniper around the AI driven enterprise, the AI enabled data centre solutions and automated brand solutions. We’re very excited to meet our customers, prospects and making new deals.

Experts say Juniper Networks is the market leader in AI in networking. How are your solutions changing the course of the networking industry?

Basically, with AI enabled solutions, we are bringing a new era of business transformation to our customers and partners. AI is promising to bring automated operations, so we are focusing on the operations and business our customers are doing to give them that level of innovation.

You recently launched the UAE cloud to ensure a data sovereignty. Can you please elaborate on the benefits?

Having the domestic cloud local in the UAE is very important for our customers, especially the government, because we need to comply with the UAE having the local data local inside the country. We have customers that they are forced to work on the cloud locally, even though we don’t really take customers data to our cloud. We take only the analytical information for analysis as it’s very important for us to be complying with the UAE regulations. Having the data close to our customers’ premises is going to bring a lot of benefits for them.

How can the Juniper Connected Security Distributed Services Architecture help companies transition to a modern data centre seamlessly?

Within the security distributed services, we have a new platform that will bring a new array of experiences by having this care outside the physical box, bringing better performance, unified policies, scale and end-to-end protection.

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