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Dawex data exchange to bring sustainable future to open data

Dawex, a data exchange technology company and operator of the largest data marketplace, brings the power of its data exchange technology to open data.

The integration of open data management capabilities into Dawex Data Exchange Platform offers organizations the ability to both manage open data, paid and free data exchange business models onto one single platform. This new functionality delivers the highest level of control, governance, security and traceability to open data exchanges.

Open data refers to data that can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone. Leveraging open data enables public and private stakeholders to create new opportunities to improve the quality of our environment and bring a positive impact to our future. Agriculture, education and research, energy and sustainable development, society, transport and mobility, tourism and territories, are sectors generating high volumes of data and particularly impacted by open data sharing imposed by the regulations.

Dawex Data Exchange Platform enables private and public stakeholders to organize data circulation and supports multiple data exchange use cases and business models including internal data exchange, data sourcing, free data sharing, data monetization and data marketplace orchestration.

“As organisations build their data exchange strategy, they have the responsibility to provide the highest level of security and governance to protect all types of data shared externally,” said Laurent Lafaye, co-founder, Dawex.

“Dawex technology has been developed to enable organizations to manage on one single platform a variety of open data sharing use cases as well as complex private data exchanges.”

Sebastien Picardat, General Manager, API-AGRO, said,  “To meet environmental and economic challenges, optimize yields, compete against global digital giants, the agriculture sector needs data, including open data, to develop innovation for a high performance, responsible agriculture. API-AGRO data exchange platform relies on Dawex technology and aims at interconnecting public and private actors, around an independent technological platform. The availability of open data management capabilities onto Dawex offers our members the choice to both distribute open data for free and monetize other data types to cover the cost generated by open data model.

In addition, Dawex co-Founder Fabrice Tocco noted that open data is a necessity, as it supports global efforts to positively  impact the society. “However, in today’s economy, open data model cannot exist on its own. The future of open data relies on the ability for public and private stakeholders to mix use cases and create new economic models. Dawex enables clients to manage multiple business models on a single platform and this is the only guarantee for sustainable open data.”


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