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Dawex pushes toward a data driven economy with JDEX

JDEX data marketplace unlocks the full potential of data and promotes the transition towards a data driven economy.

 United Arab Emirates-  Monday, November 30- Dawex, a leading data exchange technology company, announced with Kanematsu Corporation and Japan Data Exchange Inc. the launch of JDEX. This Data Exchange Platform is designed to create a large data trading community in Japan, spanning across industry, academia, and government, and contribute to the promotion of a cross-industry and cross-border data exchange environment. The platform, relying on Dawex Data Exchange technology and operated by Kanematsu, will serve the multinational trading corporation’s domestic and foreign network. JDEX platform enables the sourcing, exchange, sharing and commercialization of data products leveraging the platform’s advanced features and capabilities.

Emerging as a key component of the data economy, Data Exchanges are now clearly top of the agenda of an increasing number of corporations, public institutions and governments around the world. With new initiatives on frameworks and policies multiplying everywhere such as GAIA-X in Europe, Data Trading Alliance in Japan, or the World Economic Forum, the market is increasingly being regulated and standardised encouraging the development of trusted cross-border, cross-industry data ecosystems such as JDEX.

Awarded “Technology Pioneer” and chosen for the Global Future Council on Data Policy by the World Economic Forum in June 2020, Dawex delivered to Kanematsu the means to deploy a powerful data exchange strategy and to create a rich data ecosystem in Japan and abroad.

Developing the Japan Data Exchange (JDEX) is a crucial part of Kanematsu’s data strategy that we initiated three years ago. By partnering with Dawex, we rely on the most advanced data exchange technology available today to create and support a new data community. The flexibility and sophistication of Dawex solution enables us to offer a secure and trusted environment to data providers and data acquirers and easily address their business needs.” said Mr. Masahiro Harada, Senior Executive Officer, Electronics and Devices Division at Kanematsu Corporation.

“Now armed with advanced data infrastructure relying on Dawex technology, and leveraging a mature governance framework, the Japan Data Exchange will unlock the full potential of a growing data ecosystem and set an example for the transition into a data-driven economy.” says Fabrice Tocco, co-CEO of Dawex. “The data marketplace will enable the development of new data models and foster innovation in a trusted and secure environment.”

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