Improve IT efficiency and control with HPE Synergy

As technology becomes fully integrated into every aspect of the business, organisations need to adopt solutions that will enable them to become agile and keep pace with the rapidly evolving needs of a competitive landscape.

Over the years, the role of IT has evolved from keeping the business running to delivering immense business value. However, as systems become complex and customer requirements become more demanding it can be difficult to deliver on these priorities. This due to many traditional infrastructures being primarily optimised for stability, scalability, and performance but not for speed.

Modern IT departments not only need to deliver stability but they also need the ability to meet new business demands on the fly and deliver new products and services into the market. Composable Infrastructure eliminates the need for workload‐specific environments and provides a fluid set of resources that can be dynamically combined to meet the unique needs of any application.

ITQAN is offering HPE Synergy and a Composable Infrastructure that can enable you to:

  • Deploy on premises infrastructure at cloud-like speed and scale
  • Automate everyday operations
  • Develop apps faster and smarter

HPE Synergy: A composable bladed infrastructure that powers any workload within a hybrid cloud environment.

Get in touch with ITQAN now to find out how you can start optimise your IT infrastructure with HPE Synergy! Click below for more details!

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