“Innovation is one of our engines”: Systancia

Jonathan Fussner, Systancia
Jonathan Fussner, Systancia

Systancia is launching a new version of Systancia Cleanroom – a secure and disposable virtual desktop for the administration of all your resources, on premise or in the cloud, during its participation at GITEX Technology Week.

The firm is looking forward to interacting with other companies about their cybersecurity and digital transformation projects.

Jonathan Fussner, Director, Channel & International Development, said, “With the growing security threat, regulatory bodies will issue increasingly stringent and demanding policies, that can impact business operations. At stake here, the need for operational solutions which meet the highest levels of security. Innovation and advanced technologies, such as AI and RPA will transform our market. These technologies render possible capabilities which were not accessible to people or traditional computing.

“Innovation is one of our engines. Technological innovation drives our product innovation, such as AI and RPA. They enable, for example, ‘continuous authentication’ (make sure the person behind the screen is still the one who is expected), or to administer all possible resources without the need to develop a connector for each of them. On the other hand, the cloud as an infrastructure, as a business model, and as a hybrid architecture, paves the way for innovations, allowing to cater for specific business use cases instead of the use of point products,” he added.

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