Two-i showcases video analytics software at GITEX

Are you announcing any new products and services at this year’s GITEX?

Julien Trombini, president and co-founder, Two-i

We are launching our video content analytics software, which allows to measure levels of well-being by analysing emotions and to produce demographics statistics. This also includes live alerts for security reasons, historical information for marketing and urban development justification reasons. Increasing the well-being of the city is key to managing a safer territory with increased economic growth for citizens.

Why is GITEX such an important platform for your company to connect with the Middle East’s technology industry?

The Middle East is extremely orientated towards latest technologies, which are key for us to introduce our solutions. Also, knowing that Dubai is the first city, which has a goal to build the happiest place on earth we had to come and introduce two-i’s tools which can measure it.

How are you expecting this edition of GITEX to be different from previous years?

This is the first time for us and we are very glad that we came here, because the interest in our technology is impressive.

What are the most exciting technological developments to have affected the Middle East in the last 12 months?

Emotion and behavioral analysis through VCA to provide a safer place for citizens.

What kind of changes are you expecting to see in technology over the coming year in the Middle East?

We expect to see technologies that can enable automatic designing of a city, including architecture based on happiness and well-being information. Working towards producing more complex multi-conditional analytics tools to tackle real-life problems and provide the help to resolve or prevent them.

Can you highlight any major regional customers you have onboarded over the last 12 months? How are they using your technologies and services to grow their business?

As of now, we have just started our expansion into the region. We have customers in Europe using our technology in the arenas or metros to be sure that every user is a happy user or client and providing live alerts to prevent security issues like abandoned bags or unwanted items.


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