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BenQ Managing Director highlights collaborative learning solutions

Manish Bakshi, Managing Director, BenQ Middle East, spoke to tahawultech.com concerning their innovative portfolio of learning solutions and their academy initiatives aimed at maximising learning impact.

The learning landscape is undergoing dynamic changes. What is BenQ’s strategy in shaping the future of learning? What are some of the innovative learning solutions it has to offer? 

As the leading brand of education technology in the region, BenQ’s strategy of Shaping the Future of Learning addresses the dynamic changes in the learning environment by offering a complete range of solutions that enhance teaching and learning experiences across the Digital Education Ecosystem. This involves a combination of innovative hardware, software, and professional development offerings tailored to meet the evolving needs of educators and learners.

“We reinforce this long-term commitment with the launch of Google EDLA-certified BenQ Board Pro RP04 Series, which seamlessly integrates with the vast world of Google Mobile Services used by educators. By strengthening collaboration and effective interaction in hybrid learning, our new smart boards will help the education move forward in their quest for excellence. Our BenQ Smart Projectors make teaching hassle-free with a built-in Android operating system and BenQ Launcher, allowing educators to present materials right from the cloud or a mobile device without needing a laptop.”

Moreover, this Year, BenQ has launched the “Teach Your Way” Program designed to provide Account based Solutions to educational institutions and providing The Most Caring and Futureproof expertise in Education. This program offers a range of benefits aimed at enhancing the Learning & Teaching Experience in the Digital Education EcoSystem and focus on what matters most: providing high-quality education to their students.

BenQ provides a plethora of innovative education solutions, including:

  • Google EDLA Certified Interactive Displays for Classroom
  • Smart Wireless Projection for Classroom Solution
  • Immersive Education Classroom Solution
  • Golf Simulation Solution
  • eSports Education Solution
  • Auditorium Solution
  • Design & Photo Lab Solution
  • Computer Labs & Programming Solution
  • Wireless Presentation Solution

Lifetime Support: Access to expert guidance and assistance to address any technical issues.

Special Unlimited Training & Academy programs for IT, Teachers & Students

Security: Comprehensive warranty coverage and Hardware/Software maintenance services.

Today, classroom learning is collaborative and immersive. How are BenQ’s education boards helping students maximize their learning outcomes? 

BenQ’s EDLA boards transform classrooms, fostering an interactive and collaborative environment in classrooms.

The New BenQ Boards Pro RP04 and RM04 is fully integrated boards with Google Mobile Services (GMS) and officially certified under the Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA). This innovative collaboration brings the power of Google’s suite of applications and APIs to corporates and educational institutions, enhancing the experiences of business professionals, students and educators. The first-ever smartboards to achieve the EDLA certification. With the support of GMS, which is Google’s own collection of applications and APIs, the new BenQ smartboards seamlessly integrate Google services such as Google Drive, Maps, Meet, and YouTube. Google Workspace apps such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides can now be installed and utilized directly from Google Play. These boards also safeguard user data by offering encrypted network communications and proxy-level security options. BenQ also hosts its cloud services on a secure AWS cloud infrastructure.

Additionally, the smart boards come equipped with powerful tools like EZWrite 6, an innovative whiteboarding software, InstaShare 2, a wireless screen sharing solution, Text-to-Speech functionality for the visually impaired, multilingual translation for diverse language support, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert images and documents into editable text, aiding the visually impaired in their endeavours.

BenQ simplifies user and device management with the BenQ Account Management System (AMS) and the BenQ Device Management Solution (DMS), ensuring a seamless transition for institutions already using Google accounts and enabling efficient remote control of BenQ Board settings. In addition to their GMS integration and other features, the new BenQ Boards also offer a number of health-focused features, such as Eyesafe® Certified 2.0 screens and Air quality sensors.

Can you give us a specific example /case study of a school that has used BenQ’s learning solutions?

BenQ ranks No.1 in the Interactive Displays segment across the Middle East with 46% Market Share in Saudi Arabia and 24% Marketing Share in UAE in the Year 2023. Most Education institutions in Saudi Arabia including GEMS Education, Maarif Education, KAUST, American International School Riyadh , British International School Riyadh, King Khaled University are some examples that continue to incorporate BenQ learning solutions including BenQ Boards, Projectors & Professional desktop Monitors.

These diverse solutions from BenQ have demonstrably improved teaching methods, enhanced collaboration, and created a more engaging learning experience for students across the Education institutions in Saudi Arabia.

Below is a link sharing of all the Education Case Studies: https://www.benq.com/en-me/business/resource.html?category=Success%20Stories&search=education

Tell us about BenQ’s Junior Academy and Teacher Academy initiatives? How do they help maximize learning/teaching impact?

Our BenQ Academies, encompassing both the Junior Academy and Teacher Academy, aim to empower both educators and students for success in the digital age.

Through the Junior Academy, we equip schools with interactive flat panels featuring germ-resistant screens, fostering engaging and safe learning environments. These interactive displays go beyond traditional whiteboards, allowing students to directly manipulate and interact with learning materials, boosting engagement and fostering collaboration. We further support student development by hosting workshops that introduce them to the functionalities of the IFPs and various educational software. These interactive sessions spark creativity, encourage problem-solving skills, and familiarize students with the tools they’ll encounter in future environments.

BenQ has organized Junior Academy programs at several esteemed educational institutions, including GEMS Our Own English High School in Dubai, GEMS Cambridge International School in Sharjah, GEMS Modern Academy in Dubai, and GEMS Westminster School in Ras Al Khaimah.

Complementing this, our Teacher Academy provides dedicated professional development, empowering educators to utilize these IFPs effectively within their curriculum. We offer workshops and resources dedicated to integrating these technologies seamlessly into their teaching styles, maximizing the learning potential for their students. This comprehensive approach not only equips students with future-ready technological skills but also empowers teachers to create engaging and interactive lessons, ultimately maximizing their teaching impact and fostering a more enriching learning experience for all.

BenQ has organized the BenQ Teachers Academy hosted at GEMS Millennium School. These experiences have provided BenQ with a diverse educational background, enriching their learning journey and fostering a strong foundation for personal and professional development.

Tell us about BenQ’s after sales support of its products and hardware.

The BenQ “Teach Your Way” Program is an innovative initiative designed to provide comprehensive support to educational institutions. This program offers a range of benefits aimed at enhancing the teaching and learning experience, including Lifetime Support, Access to expert guidance and assistance to address any technical issues.

  • Exclusive Benefits: Special Academy programs and Case Study prepared for the school to promote as a leading Education institution.
  • Comprehensive onsite warranty coverage and proactive maintenance services with multiple touch points to ensure that educational equipment remains in optimal condition.
  • Dedicated technical training on device management, device analytics and other BenQ cloud or on premises services ensure the technical support team at schools and universities experience seamless control and faster resolutions and reporting.
  • Parental Satisfaction & Improved Student Engagement and Success: Opportunity to promote showcase the school’s cutting-edge technology, leading to increased enrolments. By participating in the BenQ Lifetime EDUCARE Program, schools can enjoy a unique learning experience and focus on what matters most: providing high-quality education to their students
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