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GCG Enterprise Solutions – Enabling the UAE’s journey to Zero Government Bureaucracy

Naser Darwazeh, General Manager, GCG Enterprise Solutions.

For over 40 years, GCG Enterprise Solutions – one of the most trusted enterprise solutions companies and digital transformation partners in the region, has successfully powered critical digital journeys for its clients spanning diverse industry sectors.

This notably includes Government entities in United Arab Emirates. The UAE’s “Zero Government Bureaucracy” (ZGB) mandate is therefore very close to the Company’s heart, as it resonates directly with its core business offering and has served as a focal point ever since the directive was launched. As a forward-thinking approach towards enhancing service efficiency and quality through digital innovations, the mandate aligns perfectly with GCG Enterprise Solutions’ own progressive way of thinking.

With an aim to simplify administrative processes and eliminate redundant government procedures and requirements, The UAE’s ZGB programme will witness the elimination of all unnecessary bureaucracy by the end of 2024, resulting in the development of simpler, quicker government procedures. The realisation of this goal is envisioned to support the enhancement of the UAE’s global competitiveness ranking. Red tape has long been a challenge across both the government and private sectors, but as technology and digitization continues to evolve, we can all look forward to more streamlined and efficient processes.

As the business of Digital Transformation continues to ensure many more upcoming advancements, GCG Enterprise Solutions remains at the forefront of this drive, offering a full spectrum of innovative technological advancements which are individually and collectively enabling Government entities to accelerate towards their ZGB goals.

Let’s begin with Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is helping to automate refined business processes, reduce administrative burdens and enhance efficiency. AI models are also able to analyse historical data to predict service demand, resource allocation, and potential bottlenecks. This proactive approach allows Government entities to not only plan better and optimize resources, but to make more informed choices.

Low-code technology is also playing a major role in facilitating faster application development. Today, low-code tools are enabling the creation of automated workflows for handling routine tasks, approvals, and data processing and will therefore play a pivotal role in simplifying processes, enhancing efficiency, and fostering citizen-centric services.

Business Process Management (BPM) tools are allowing for the mapping out of existing government processes. By analysing workflows, identifying bottlenecks, and eliminating unnecessary steps, BPM is helping entities to streamline procedures for quicker service delivery and reduced bureaucracy. BPM also withholds the potential to provide real-time data on process performance. By analysing metrics, Government entities can make informed decisions to enhance efficiency. BPM therefore acts as a catalyst for the UAE’s zero bureaucracy mandate.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is another area which is contributing to streamlining government processes via Document Digitization and Centralization. ECM systems facilitate the digitization of paper-based documents. By converting physical records into electronic formats, government entities can centralize and manage information more efficiently. ECM platforms also automate approval processes. By leveraging ECM capabilities, the UAE aims to enhance government efficiency and minimize unnecessary bureaucracy. GCG Enterprise Solutions’ proprietary digital signature solution “G-Sign” serves as a great example of this technology in motion.

Veteran technology industry leader and GCG Enterprise Solutions’ General Manager Naser Darwazeh draws upon decades of experience in enabling clients to benefit from enhanced business efficiencies. Elaborating on GCG Enterprise Solutions’ contribution to fast-tracking Zero Bureaucracy in the UAE, Mr. Darwazeh stated that: “The development of our G-Sign Digital Signature Solution, its launch and subsequent success signifies not only GCG’s grasp on what the latest technologies can deliver in terms of enterprise efficiencies, but also our unmatched market know-how and our ability to enhance and adapt our product offerings to precise local market needs. The UAE’s commitment to minimal bureaucracy and efficient services positions it as a global leader in government transformation and at GCG Enterprise Solutions’ our active engagement with government entities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi ensures that we remain at the forefront of advanced solutions for friction-less government services. We are very proud of how far we have come and look forward to doing so much more with our government clients”.

Mr. Darwazeh also spoke about the Company’s customer-centric approach and placed the spotlight on how GCG Enterprise Solutions has led the way forward for award-winning digital transformations supporting the Zero Bureaucracy initiative: “I am also very proud of the fact that two of our clients, for 2 consecutive years, have been recognized at the prestigious GovTech Awards. This serves as a testament to how we have developed our capabilities when it comes to delivering innovation. We are confident that GCG Enterprise Solutions will continue to play a major big role towards enabling the UAE’s progressive journey forward. We are after all, a local company with unmatched local market know-how and access to leading global tech partners”.

Image Credit: GCG Enterprise Solutions

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