How to maximise your businesses mobility strategy with cloud

A large number of employees in organisations are dependent on their mobile devices to accomplish their tasks successfully. By considering a cloud mobility strategy, organisations are moving towards a future where their businesses can have prominent benefit that only adoption of mobility can bring. Imagine users can access their application from anywhere and from any device and that too securely without spending heavily on internet bandwidth.

To list a few benefits of mobility through Cloud for businesses – simplifying businesses internal process, improved productivity, customer happiness and remote operations. But successful businesses require dedicated work and forethought to build and adopt a Cloud strategy. We have listed the steps to integrate mobility into your company.

  1. What are your strategic goal?

Every business is unique and so are their goals. To give you a perspective, here are two sample scenarios:

Nikhil Katara, CloudHost, mobility strategy
Nikhil Katara, CloudHost

(a) A retail business may need to have creative and sophisticated solutions to ensure all their inventory is in sync while operating through pop up shops and multiple venues.

(b) A consultancy business may opt to have their employees working remotely to control operational costs and they might require their business applications to be available to all employees while ensuring their data remains secure.

By identifying specific needs for your business, your core products and services and by identifying the gaps in service, you will be able to select a Cloud mobility solution you need the most.

  1. Objective of each stakeholder.

Developing the objective and goals based on how mobility affects your business, employees and customers, you will be able to decide on how you can judge the success of your mobility solution. While also considering factors such as – scaling your solution to grow with your business, updating new features and most importantly, your business readiness for cloud adoption.

By focusing on these objectives you will be able to set objectives for the outcomes of your enterprise mobility strategy.

  1. Choose a Cloud solution that can provide you with continues delivery

Enterprise Cloud mobility solutions needs to be updated and adjusted based on the user feedback and changes in the technology. Consider choosing a Cloud partner who can constantly keep the features updated, apply user feedback on time and has a platform that adopts innovation when it is rolled out.

  1. Have a security strategy

Establishing a security strategy on Cloud before you implement your mobility strategies can help protect your company from hacks and other risks. You may need to implement strategy for web and email Protection and defenses from targeted web attacks. A Cloud platform with predefined security options can prevent data leakage and ensure that information is only accessed by authorised personnel. CloudHost provides AppLite users a secure and cost effective access to the applications.

  1. Picking the right platform

Businesses have the advantage of having a solution for every need available in the market. Depending on your business objective and needs, you may choose to focus on mobility solutions available on mobile web app or native mobile apps.

AppLite is a solution offered by CloudHost technology. As a company who understands business’s need of the hour, they have developed the solution keeping in mind that different businesses work with different applications, AppLite is compatible with all windows based application which includes legacy apps. It can keep up the pace with your business with easy scalability options. Imagine never having to wait for your applications to load. AppLite frees your IT team from the hassle of installation, migration upgrades of the client server application seamless as it is delivered on a browser on any device.

AppLite guarantees 30 seconds load time for any windows based application on any browser any device seamlessly.


CloudHost Technology, is a UAE-based Cloud Solutions provider and is quickly becoming a preferred Cloud Partner for many UAE based SMB’s and Enterprise customers. If your organisation is on its path towards digital transformation, explore and evaluate CloudHost’s solutions for real-time insights of your entire IT infrastructure on a single pane dashboard, scaling on the go, improving team collaborations, Data Security and Compliance.


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