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HPE and Intertec Systems unveil cutting-edge innovations at GITEX Global 2023

Veronica Martin spoke to Michael Langeveld, Head of Technology & Business Development EMEA at HPE and Swapnil Gandhi, Director of Infrastructure & Cloud at Intertec during GITEX Global about the new products and solutions they are demonstrating and launching, key technologies and trends driving innovation and the importance of GITEX.


Can you tell our readers what new products and solutions you are demonstrating and launching here this week at GITEX Global?

Michael: Generative AI is a key topic right now, so we’re demonstrating some of our capabilities around large language models, video and voice. We are also showing our high-performance computing, latest technology and high-end solutions. We are also working on a project to democratize this and make AI accessible. We have enhanced our DL380 and developed how we give access to AI to everybody. We’ve recently acquired a company called Ethernet and we are demonstrating what we are doing with private 5G in the unallocated spectrum.

From your company’s perspective, what are the key technologies and trends that you’re seeing that will drive your innovation and product roadmap for the next 12 months?

Swapnil: The vision of Intertec Systems is to be a global technology services organization, partnering with customers to create a digitally enabled future. We believe technology is a catalyst for growth and innovation, so we provide solutions to help organizations for their business priorities with innovative, scalable, and secure digital solutions tailored to their business needs.

Our solutions can help enhance efficiency, productivity, and security across a range of industries and verticals. The focus of our solution portfolio is everything as a service, which is the HPE GreenLake, where we provide a service solution that helps simplify and accelerate the business of the customer. It delivers a cloud experience wherever the apps or the data live, whether it is in the data centre, in the co-location, things in the edge or on the public cloud.

We are also looking at outcome as a service, which is a new discussion where we shift the focus from selling products and services to delivering measurable results or solutions to meet customers’ needs. Outcome as a service is becoming very popular these days in the technology and the service industries. Some of the key elements for the outcome as a service are defined. The other solutions that we are offering are a data management solution where we provide data management as a service, backup as a service and data lifecycle management. We also are focused on cybersecurity, covering ransomware attacks, zero trust, security and AI. We also are focusing on sustainability where we provide green data centres to customers.

How important is an event like GITEX Global for your company – and what value does it bring to your organization?

Swapnil: GITEX brings in industry insights. We attend this kind of event to be relevant in the market, understand the current trends of emerging technologies and some of the competitive strategies as well. We also have an opportunity for networking where we meet our partners, peers, and everybody else to understand how businesses are moving at this point of time. Apart from that, there is a big media coverage that it gives the opportunity to have an interview or a discussion like this and get a lot of exposure.



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