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At GISEC 2022 CyberKnight Signs Seclytics, the Predictive XDR Platform, for Customers to Detect Attacks Before They Happen

Dubai, UAE, March 22, 2022: As organisations continue to struggle with visibility into advanced cyberthreats, SOC teams are left overwhelmed with seemingly never-ending security alerts and false positives, leaving IT Security leaders doubtful of their attack readiness.

Wael Jaber, VP – Technology, Services & Channel, CyberKnight & Abdullah Beshtawi, Regional Manager-Middle East & Africa, SecLytics.

CyberKnight announced at GISEC 2022 that it has signed a distribution agreement with Seclytics, the breakthrough pXDR platform that aligns and streamlines SOC workflow. Seclytics’ Augur gives organisations exceptional visibility on threats providing smart automation and orchestration to help beat alert overload and take back control of a SOC. The platform doesn’t rely on blocklists, or malware signatures based on past attacks: Augur’s predictive intelligence is proactive, seeking out and identifying threats long before attacks are launched.

“Our technology scans the internet daily, looking at new IPs, domains, BGP announcements, and DNS resolutions using behavioural profiling to identify criminal infrastructure. The predictions we make are over 97% accurate, and more importantly, they produce an extremely low rate of false positives (0.01%). This means that organisations can trust our predictions enough to act and even automate enforcement. We are excited about our partnership with CyberKnight, whose local teams and channel reach will enable us to help enterprises and governments across the Middle East enhance their detection and response capabilities”, commented Abdullah Beshtawi, Regional Manager – MEA at Seclytics.

“Preventing a breach can prove to be an extremely rigorous exercise leaving organisations’ SOC teams overwhelmed with noisy security alerts and a high cost of threat intel. Most cybersecurity companies that claim predictive threat detection are not able to foresee an attack. Seclytics is an industry pioneer that detects novel exploits and new threat vectors by identifying cybercriminal infrastructure in the setup stage, on average 60 days before any attack is launched. Seclytics’ Augur is leveraging true XDR so that regional security teams will be able to look into the future to identify tomorrow’s threat vectors today”, said Wael Jaber, VP Technology & Services at CyberKnight.

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