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CommScope’s latest tech solution delivers ultra-high-resolution video streaming

Bart Giordano, Senior Vice President, RUCKUS Networks, CommScope.

CommScope, a global leader in network connectivity solutions, announced that RUCKUS Networks is introducing a new series of entry-level, scalable edge switches with 25 Gbps uplink ports. This series includes the first entry-level enterprise switch to deliver fibre-to-the-room connectivity.

“The ICX 8200 series is a wired platform optimised for wireless service delivery, purposefully designed to handle the next generation of wireless-first and IoT campus networks”, stated Bart Giordano, Senior Vice President, RUCKUS Networks, CommScope. “Our newest product line will not only support today’s most advanced Wi-Fi technology, but also future generations of Wi-Fi, and includes three models that will deliver a fibre-to-the-room solution”.

After installing new ICX 8200 switches at a campus in the Chico Unified School District, Patrick Bossetti, IT Supervising Manager, noted, “We have recently added the latest ICX 8200 switch to our campus network as an access switch to connect wireless access points and classroom learning equipment. We are impressed with the performance and ease of deployment with the 25 Gbps stacking and uplink ports. We are equally pleased with the switches’ high PoE rating – this is needed for the newer, power-hungry generation of wireless APs. We appreciate the flexibility and connectivity options provided by gigabit and multigigabit copper and fibre ports that can be stacked together into a single, easy to manage virtual device. The RUCKUS solution has met or exceeded every expectation we had when we planned this deployment”.

Key features and benefits of the ICX 8200 Switch series include:

  1. Broad connectivity options: Gigabit, multigigabit edge ports and fibre-to-the-room within a single stackable switch series. 13 different stackable models including three models with fibre edge ports, three models with multigigabit edge ports and two fanless compact switches designed for in room deployment.
  2. Maximum performance: 2.5/5/10GbE edge ports purpose built for latest generation multigigabit Wi-Fi APs with support for Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 6/6E, Wi-Fi 7 and beyond. Up to 8x 25 Gbps SFP28 dual-mode uplink/stacking ports to eliminate uplink bottleneck and provide low latency access to applications running in the cloud and deliver ultra-high-resolution video streaming.
  3. High Power Delivery: Power next generation wireless access points and IoT devices with up to 90W per port of PoE power and high PoE budget up to 1480W per unit.
  4. Maximum Deployment Flexibility: RUCKUS signature advanced stacking capabilities including long distance stacking up to 12 units on standard SFP+/SFP28 fibre ports up to 10km greatly simplifies deployment at the access and aggregation layer and eliminate the need for specialised hardware for stacking.
  5. Enhanced Security: Provides both enhanced security and data privacy with VXLAN support for advanced network segmentation and data confidentiality.
  6. Three Years of Technical Assistance Centre Support Included: This is in addition to a limited lifetime warranty with every ICX 8200.

ICX 8200 series model with gigabit copper edge ports are available for purchase today. Models with fibre edge ports and multigigabit edge ports will be available in the first half of 2023. For more information on the ICX 8200 series, please visit:

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