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Dubai set to host eSecurityDen 2017

Jeremy Boorer, eSecurityDen

According eSecurityDen, making the right decision is becoming increasing complex and demanding for the CIO’s of regional organisations.

With a demonstration led format, the one-day eSecurityDen 2017 conference aims to provide a platform for cybersecurity solution providers to connect with senior management across the GCC region, showcase their abilities and develop long-term business relationships.

“Ultimately our aim is to connect the latest most innovative solution providers with the right professional people who have the challenges they can help with. This will empower CIO’s and CEO’s with the right tools and critical information to safeguard their brands and assets within a span of eight hours thus saving precious time and resources”, said Jeremy Boorer, Advisory Board member for eSecurityDen and spokesperson for eSecurityDen 2017 Dubai.

A relatively young and very diverse workforce with one of the highest mobile adoption rates and with trends such as flexi and remote working present some of the challenges which make a CIO’s job much more complex and multidimensional. To stay ahead of the increasing sophistication and pace of cyber-attacks as well as combat threats happening at several levels, organisations need to look at cybersecurity as a part of overall risk management and the involvement of CEO’s and board members is the demand of the hour.

eSecurityDen 2017 speakers and exhibitors get an opportunity to take the centre stage and demonstrate how they can solve specific industry issues and this will be the biggest advantage for the providers as well as our delegates as they can get real sector specific insights into the range of solutions that are solving challenges for their counterparts globally.

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