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Emirates NBD boosts revenue, profitability and customer service with SAS analytics

Emirates NBD is a leading financial group in the Middle East, North Africa, & Turkey (MENAT) region. The bank operates in 13 countries and serves more than 14 million customers. Since its inception in 1963, Emirates NBD has evolved steadily and now offers a broad range of solutions in corporates, retail, investment, and private banking, and treasury & asset management, across a broad region. The group’s Customer Intelligence & Engagement (CIE) team is responsible for integrating data across all systems and applications to create a unified and robust Enterprise Data Platform (EDP). This output is then leveraged by the group’s Visual Insights team to create informative dashboards, and by the Analytics team to make data-driven decisions. The Digital team further leverages this information to plan all digital marketing initiatives, which are personalised to create each individual customer experience.

As the analytics arm of the bank, the CIE has constantly striven to create solutions that support the organisation’s business goals. To achieve this, the team formulated the Multiplier Effect framework, with which the organisation aims to move from a product-led approach to a customer-led one and to provide solutions that really meet customers’ individual needs. The CIE had to break down silos and work across teams to create a one-stop analytics solution while managing the cultural change related to data-driven decision-making in the organisation. Previously, there was a risk that customers would receive communications on multiple products that did not meet their requirements. For instance, if a customer has a savings account with Emirates NBD, they may be contacted for a host of other products too, irrespective of what their needs may be. This leads to customer fatigue, and irrelevant, persistent communication can also adversely impact their perception of the bank. With the Multiplier Effect framework, customer behaviour and spending patterns are analysed to allow Emirates NBD to make better product recommendations.

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